2019: Year In Review


2019 was one for the books here at GoGoGuest. From landing a 120,000-squarefoot retail center with over thirty brand name retailers under management to powering pop up events in Coachella, New York City and Los Angeles. Best of all, we’re in over 120 coffee shops, restaurants, craft beer and we teamed up with growing beauty brandsThat is a lot of change for a talented and growing team! 

Today we’re looking back at:

  • Why should you prioritize email marketing over your social media strategy?
  • 360 customer data view and marketing workflow is critical to growing your business

We’ve also added our favorite article about “The renegade restaurateur who gave Yelp a scare” and data – how to implement 2020 trends into your business.

And looking forward to:

  • Why it’s important to connect the dots between your physical storefront and your website/eCommerce site
  • What it truly means to run your business with a 360 data view.

So stay curious, because things are only gonna get more interesting in 2020!

A Look Back at What We Accomplished with You in 2019!

Here are some of the significant  highlights that defined this past year — and will shape the next one:

  • Our collective captive portals subscribed over 500,000 guests in 2019! 
  • Quick service retailers using WiFi codes associated with a purchase saw an increase in revenue by an average of 40% in in-store sales
  • Local brands are using email marketing automations to book catering, events and subscription sales accounting for 18% of revenue growth
  • Pop up shops from big brands including Absolut Vodka, Benefit Cosmetics, Milk Make-Up, Le Book Connections, Dogville, Homoco and The DoDo’s Best Dog Day Ever to name a few are using GoGoGuest to connect the dots from their pop ups to their sites. Cool stuff! 
  • We’ve expanded our footprint to support  local beauty brands by connecting the dots for in-spa customer experiences and digital channels.

Our Best Post in 2019

Our Favorite Articles in 2019

Hot Off the Press

Your Ultimate Guide to 2020

Up Next: Digital Transformation For Local Brands and Businesses

Our journey as a company began 4 years ago, with optimizing the guest WiFi amenity for quick service retailers. On our second year, we released version 3 of our MVP, which today is essential to our core offering and is used in multiple retail categories – beyond the market boundaries we’ve  imagined. We learned so much about in-store experiences, how to seamlessly fully onboard a retailer without disrupting their day-to-day operations and the rich customer data sets that remain disjointed and unavailable to a business or a brand.

Today, we’re connecting the dots from a brand’s physical storefront – POS to the web, eCommerce and other digital channels! As customer experiences and digital technology is now top of mind among innovative and savvy local brands and businesses, so is the question of resources and partners who can make the journey painless and seamless. Are you ready to explore?

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