8 Tips For Pop Up WiFi Service Success At Coachella

Festival culture is here to stay, with Nielsen Music estimating that 23 percent of the U.S. population attended a music festival in 2018, up from 18 percent in 2017, the biggest year-over-year growth of any kind of live music event.

The digital marketing and agency in our company DNA saw pop up WiFi service for festivals, events and pop up retail experiences as an opportunity to help iconic brands better understand their audience. In 2017, we worked alongside award-winning experiential agency, This Is MKG to provide pop up WiFi service for Absolut Vodka’s open house in Coachella. We didn’t stop at reliable, fast and high performing temporary WiFi service. Our platform helped learn from and activate audience data and insights with permission. 

Since our first installation, we’ve delivered pop up WiFi service across the United States for iconic brands including Canon, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Pressed Juicery, Milk Make-up, The DoDo, Benefit Cosmetics and more! 

This guide will walk you through a successful pop up WiFi service installation with built-in brand activation tools and features that every experiential marketing agency should use.

Experiential marketers succeed by having a specific audience in mind. We must speak to the audience in a human way, joining the conversation by staying authentic, instead of speaking “at” them.

Guide To A Successful Festival Activation Using Pop Up WiFi Service

As you’ve considered hosting a pop up retail experience or make a big splash during festival season, you probably came across challenges when it comes to temporary WiFi service. It can be budget prohibitive, resources at times are a no show and WiFi performance becomes slow and unreliable. 

This guide will walk you through your pop up WiFi service check-list to ensure a successful installation. 

  1. Gather the information you’ll need. Prepare all the information needed to help you with an accurate quote, including: Address of the event site, load in date, load out date, site’s security clearance and insurance requirements if any, usable floor space including floors, floor plan, WiFi uses, how many devices are expected to connect and time duration of the pop up once it is open to the public. 
  2. Be transparent about your brand’s objectives. Beyond being an infrastructure solution, pop up WiFi service by GoGoGuest has a built-in customer marketing data and insights platform that helps brands better understand their audience as they engage within the space. Sharing the brand’s clear objectives for the pop up experience will help guide the design and user experience.
  3. Learn more about your audience. Beyond the pop up Wifi service, brands can capture unique personal information with permission using branded captive portals and iPad kiosks. Each data capture is funneled through one organization or can be directly linked to the brand’s CRM. Make it a fun experience for guests to give up unique personal information by offering a raffle, a free cocktail or a shout-out on the large screen!
  4. Foot traffic counter. Understanding foot traffic around the perimeter of your festival tent and conversions into the festival tent is key for many brands. 
  5. Real-world customer journeys and insights. Inactive data, insights and trends are 100% objective and is collected without the active participation of the guest. Understanding the most and/or least popular guest walk-through or journey within a space will help future designs and themes. How long did each guest stay on average? Did they return to Absolut’s open house lounge both weekends of Coachella?
  6. On the spot activation. A built-in premium email marketing and automation is available with our pop up WiFi service. This means, when a guest submits their unique personal information, a brand has the opportunity to activate that subscriber within minutes and start re-targeting.
  7. Device and application insights. Offers a summary of the most used devices and duration within your festival or pop up space. This data set is very helpful in planning the brand’s post digital media advertising efforts.
  8. Collaborative planning and open communications. We’re part of the team and that is all that matters. We make sure each pop up WiFi service and any activation details are ironed out before load-in date and have a plan B in place for just in case. As a technology partner, we understand the million details that come into play when planning any size festival or pop up retail experience.

We found a great quote from President, MKG West, Laura Gavin shares “we must speak to the audience in a human way, joining the conversation by staying authentic, instead of speaking “at” them. Knowing and understanding your audience is key to Absolut Vodka’s continued success at Coachella.

Get to know your audience.