Digital Tools For Big Picture Marketing

If you don’t care about growing sales and revenue, a disparate and siloed approach to your digital tools will work just fine. 

If you want to make more money, then it is about time to take a closer look into the digital tools you’re using to create awareness and promote your business and brand. In today’s unprecedented conditions, the brands that will deliver a consistent and delightful customer experience across channels (physical storefront, online store and third party apps) will manage to sustain and grow. 

This guide showcases a world-class mall in Freeport, Maine. Freeport Village Station with an 120,000 square ft. of outdoor premium shopping space that showcase storefronts of national retailers including LL Bean, Izod, Coach, Old Navy and Nike to name a few. Learn how the right digital tools and messaging  to get their target audience excited about summer. 

Digital Tools For Big Picture Marketing

A consistent customer experience has made HUGE difference for our retailers and guests. GoGoGuest provides easy-to-use and very robust digital tools that allow us to put our data into action.

How Freeport Village Station Uses Data And The Right Digital Tools To Create A Consistent Guest Experience

A digital tool and customer data platform that gives you easy access to your customer data makes a huge difference for businesses and brands with smaller marketing teams and budgets.

Instead of using multiple solutions that do not talk to each other or may require huge development costs to implement, a digital tool and customer data platform that is able to capture insights from systems you’re already using is a worthwhile investment that shows immediate ROI.

Here are a few highlights from Freeport Village Station’s first year with GoGoGuest.

Fresh, active email lists. Many businesses and brands that heavily invest in their storefronts, often means that digital assets like email lists are left untouched for years, not realizing that 22% of your subscriber list goes into decay every year.

With Business WiFi service feature and one-click integrations with your POS, online store and other third party applications, brands and businesses are able to capture and grow their email lists across every channel they own.

We collected thousands of subscriber email addresses since 2008 and didn’t fully utilize them to engage and learn from our audience and customers. With GoGoGuest we are learning at the customer acquisition point. – Janet Grady, President, PRISM Marketing 

A 360 customer view. You’ve heard of omni-channel retail strategies right? It is a strategy that many traditional brick and mortar storefronts and consumer businesses have mostly set-aside. When your digital tool and customer data platform comes with a full-access view to your customers it is a a magical thing. This means that a business and brand can put all their customer data to work from all channels. A path to carving out differentiation and a consistent customer experience in storefronts and digital assets.

Guest Intelligence makes it all so easy and simple to implement a 360 view omni-channel strategy for your brand and business. According to Harvard Business Review, omni-channel customers spend 4% more in store and 10% more online than single-channel customers. For every additional channel they use, customer spend more money.

Data driven customer journeys. Previously, when a new subscriber is acquired, that subscriber remained inactive for weeks, at times even months. As we learned previously, 22% of your subscribers go into decay when a business or brand fails to activate that subscriber. Their interest wanes then they forget and move on.

With customer journeys that are driven by engagement and purchase data from a customer’s previous interaction Freeport Village Station is able to move the needle in each engagement milestone. 

Many businesses and brands worry about “spamming” a subscriber’s inbox. With GoGoGuest digital tools and customer data solutions, Freeport Village Station is able to send personalized content that is based on a subscriber’s interests and their last engagement milestone It becomes a meaningful exchange of information. – Bruno Andreades, Vice President, PRISM Marketing

Highly targeted rewards programs. Freeport Village Station sends offers and campaigns on behalf of over 30 retailers, each with a specific offer and reward. With a robust customer data platform behind a scalable delivery system, brands and businesses are able to easily create highly-targeted rewards programs that is 100% based on a customer’s interests, engagement and how much they spend across all your channels. 

After a year of using GoGoGuest, we’re definitely just scratching the surface. Excited to set-up a mall specific rewards program as our next milestone.

Speedy on-boarding, Easy to use drag-and-drop editing tools, a gallery of free templates and world-class support. The GoGoGuest platform is a very well thought out product, great for any business and brand. – Janet Grady, President, PRISM Marketing 

Robust technology ecosystem. Barriers to turning your data into actionable insights are removed when your digital tools and customer data platform is able to talk to other systems that you already use. Platform to platform integration and open APIs are a great indication that your investment can scale and flex, when your needs shift and when business climates change.

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