5 Coffee Shop and Craft Brewery Technologies Helping Brew Up Business


When potential customers are looking for a place to get a great cup of coffee or craft beer, they have an endless number of coffee shop and craft brewery options to choose from. The right customer experience and technology stack can help your coffee shop or craft brewery stand out from the crowd and keep customers coming back. Below are five technologies that you should optimize as you look to grow your business.

1 – A POS With An Ecosystem of Integration Partners

Equip your independent or multi-location coffee shop, craft brewery business with a POS that comes with an established ecosystem of integration partners. Integration partners make it flexible for your business to adapt to its changing needs from inventory management, staff management, customer experience and in-store and multi-channel distribution (eCommerce, mobile) and customer marketing. 

Before selecting your POS partner, ask about the cost of integration with Third Party developers or platforms. It is always better to work with a POS partner that supports an ecosystem of developers without charging incremental fees for doing so.

A POS’ hardware visual appeal, easy set-up and maintenance should appeal to your brand.


2 – Digital Menu and Visual Cues To Guide The Customer Experience

When a customer walks into your coffee shop or craft brewery they are in your establishment for one or all three reasons: eat and drink, the social aspect of sharing an experience and to get stuff done.

Design your retail experience around the reasons they are in your establishment. Make that obvious, quick and snappy. They ‘ll love your store for it ! 


3 – Guest Amenities To Attract, Retain and Encourage Repeat Purchases

Let’s face it, your average consumer is technology centric with two to three devices traveling with them everywhere they go. Businesses that offer guest amenities attract the crowd of thinkers and doers who are willing and able to spend an average of $25 over a period of a few hours every visit.

Offering guest amenities like Guest WiFi, offers and rewards is an invaluable source for finding insights like missed product opportunities and extension services that your customers would enjoy.

A guest amenity and customer experience solution that grows with your business.

We’re with you from day one to whatever’s next.

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4 – Use a Cloud WiFi Management 

After setting up a beautiful storefront and curating the best local and unique products that represent your brand, many physical retailers cut costs on their network infrastructure. Here are tips to consider before purchasing a bundled telecom package:

  • Instead of using access points / routers included in your ISP’s bundle, invest in a cloud access point that eliminates your need to maintain a network resource after installation. Your upfront costs on hardware and the enterprise cloud license may be a little more to start, it will save you from unnecessary network resource maintenance costs down the road.
  • An ISP (Internet Service Provider) is not the same as your WiFi. You need a cloud access point to elevate your guest amenity to hospitality standards Choose a cloud access point with PCI Compliance standards.


5 – Engage Customers Without Lifting a Finger

What if your customer marketing experience is triggered by customer engagement? 

Once you have the proper infrastructure in place, think about optimizing and monetizing your guest amenity. The right cross-platform intelligent marketing automation can:

    • Gather customer data across multiple channels including your store
    • Seamlessly correlate customer data across sources
    • Provide you with insights for growth opportunities and inefficiencies
    • Create and send personalized campaigns triggered by customer behavior without lifting a finger

Elevate your guest experience and grow without lifting a finger.

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