5 Quick Reasons Why Your Business Needs GoGoGuest


Business owners want to know: Once I acquire customers, how do I continue to connect with them?

That local business owners struggle to market effectively to their customers is well-known. Every year business publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, amongst several others release articles intended to help local business owners market their businesses effectively. If you’re business owner, you can recite the advice these articles seek to give by heart: 1) grow your in-store and online presence, 2) create a marketing list, 3) write engaging, thoughtful content designed to connect your customers, and so on. 

While these articles are helpful, they do not provide a clear pathway for results. As a business owner you might not be a marketing expert, even as you recognize the need to effectively market your business is extremely important. What if there was a way to use the free wifi service your customers are using to build a marketing platform that connects you to your customers in the exact way that they want to connect with you?

Enter GoGoGuest. Founded out of the need to help business owners enhance their ability to connect with their customers on an ongoing basis, GoGoGuest provides a platform to make sense of their customer data. Beginning with an easy-to-use wifi service that requires an opt-in via an email, GoGoGuest can collect customer data across their social media platforms in order to build comprehensive marketing campaigns, and that is just scratching the surface!

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GoGoGuest, one simple easy to use cloud-marketing platform for in-store and online business marketing

Here are five quick reasons why you should utilize GoGoGuest in your business:

Supercharge your business with fast and secure wifi

Let’s face it: your customers expect to have free wifi service in your business. With GoGoGuest, you can accommodate your customers in a way that serves to benefit your bottom line. GoGoGuest offers a fast and secure wifi service that allows you to collect customer information through a permission-based opt-in, without the use of the app. This allows you to build comprehensive marketing strategies with relevant email addresses to reach your customers, build loyalty programs, increase the effectiveness of SEO targeting marketing and so much more. Our service also allows business owners to limit the amount of time a customer gets to use the wifi service before having to make an additional purchase.

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Leverage data and insights to segment and automate campaigns

What business owner wouldn’t like to know who their customers are, how often they come in and most importantly, how to engage their customers to incentivize repeat business? GoGoGuest empowers business owners with this information, and we go far beyond that, too. We will help you learn how much time your customers are spending in your business, and what they are spending their money on. We also can help you identify what part of your business is the most popular, helping you to merchandise your store to be most effective in generating sales. This information can help you build remarkably effective marketing campaigns that are customizable to the individual customer. 

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Create a loyalty program that really works

Now that you know how free wifi service can be used to track customer data, insights and preferences in order to build marketing campaigns designed to target the individual consumer, GoGoGuest allows you to take this information one step further by creating a loyalty program that incentivizes repeat business. Our tools and solutions are customizable so as to perform exactly what your business needs, as well as being able to integrate fully with your existing loyalty program. We can also showcase events in-store and across all of your digital assets.

You will not only know when your customers are celebrating a birthday, you will learn what they like to purchase when they visit and what time of day they typically come in. You can develop a loyalty platform that rewards them by giving them more of what they already like!

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Customer Ratings and Feedback 

As a business owner, you know how critical it is to monitor what your customers are saying about your business on online review sites such as Yelp!, Facebook, Google Reviews and others. 

To make the ongoing management of your online reputation easier, GoGoGuest provides a built-in customer ratings and feedback program that gives you the opportunity to hear directly from customers if their experience was less than satisfactory or thank them when they sing your praises publicly.

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One Marketing Platform To Grow Your Business

GoGoGuest encompasses all the marketing solutions you need to grow your business from email marketing, wifi marketing and analytics, loyalty programs, customer feedback and ratings, events and more! For an affordable monthly subscription starting at $89.99  per month you gain access to an easy to use premier platform to help you grow your business and engage with customers in a meaningful way.

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