6 Reasons Why Captive Portals Are Essential For Your Store Venue


A captive portal that integrates with your store front WiFi is  essential to growing your customer list. While most solutions stop at acquisition, GoGoGuest offers a platform that segments your contacts, automates customer journeys and is hyper data driven to help business owners connect and build long lasting relationships with their best customers.

The challenge is that when it comes to offering WiFi service, business owners find it to be a daunting decision. While WiFi service immediately attracts customers, there are downsides to it when not managed well. In order to avoid the pitfalls of guest WiFi, you should develop a guest experience etiquette that sets the standard for everyone’s experience.

At GoGoGuest, we always aim for a great customer experience. That means, an intuitive guest user experience, 0 friction and less technology for the storefront to manage and maintain. In fact, in our young life as a company, we are in more than 65 businesses and the results are extraordinary. We have proven that customers who willingly connect to your WiFi service are 44% likely to return to your physical storefront, bring friends (new customers for you!) and if you do have an eCommerce store – they’ll likely make a purchase online too.

6 Easy Steps to Introducing Guest WiFi Etiquette 

1. Make It Intuitive

When offering WiFi service, you should always strive to provide an intuitive user experience. You never want customers to have to wonder why they have to give up a valid email address or enter an order # before connecting to WiFi.

A captive portal that supports your store venue’s connectivity policy is an excellent way to introduce guest experience etiquette.

At GoGoGuest, our captive portals and WiFi service management is flexible and supports a connectivity policy that is based on time or purchases – and in addition, we also automate your customer marketing efforts.

2. Be Informative

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A captive portal needs to represent your brand while consciously and naturally using design and language queues that bring value to your customer. Information is always appreciated by your local and visitor community, so posting a social events calendar or other services you offer like catering or private events is always perceived as a value add.

3. Ask For Permission

Letting customers know about your reason and purpose for asking for an email address before accessing your physical store’s WiFi service is always a great thing. At the bare minimum always include a link to your privacy and terms and conditions.

At GoGoGuest, we value customer privacy and permission, which means every handcrafted captive portal comes with a privacy and terms and conditions policy. This also means that after an opt-in anyone is allowed and can choose to opt-out after logging into the store’s WiFi service.

4. Be Personal

When a customer connects to your WiFi while enjoying their cup of coffee or an iced cold glass of beer, sending a personal thank you message for their visit is a great way to paint a smile across someone’s face. Your customers will be more receptive to your efforts to reach out, if you communicate in a positive and friendly way.

At GoGoGuest, customers who receive a timely thank you email after their first visit are more likely to come back frequently. A few ways we’ve seen customer re-engage is by inviting their colleagues back to your spot, making an effort to post a positive review or reaching out personally to offer feedback to the business owner or manager. In a recent feedback campaign, Patrick Johnson, a franchisee of Just Love Coffee in Murfreesboro West received over 70% responses for a personal thank you campaign which is automated to send to survey respondents. The survey is an extension of the first customer visit welcome email. The survey on its own continue to generate genuine and thoughtful feedback from his first time customer segment with a response rate of over 50%.

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5. Be Friendly

A friendly and a genuine connection and conversation with a new customer can lead to long-term relationship. Of course, you will not be able to chat with each customer while in the store at all times.

Instead, reaching out with an automated message that genuinely acknowledges their visit is a great starting point. With GoGoGuest, we make all of this possible and simple with a complete customer multi-channel marketing platform behind each captive portal and wifi service installation.

6. Offer A Heartfelt Reward

When any customer knows you have their back — they will return. At times, they’ll even walk 2 blocks out of their way to visit your storefront, or at times, wait in line for 5 minutes because they really love the taste of your creations or how it makes them feel after the first sip or bite. It may even be that your customers simply look forward to saying hello to your staff in the morning or afternoon.

Acknowledging their effort by offering a reward that goes to their inbox or SMS with their permission, without requiring them to download an app or bring another card – is a magical thing.

Follow these steps with a solution that supports your WiFi guest etiquette policy.

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