6 Tools To Start Cross-Channel Marketing

A customer engagement technology stack is a series of linked technologies that make it possible for businesses and brands to acquire customers, build interest and desire then motivate them to take action. 

Customer engagement from the physical world to digital and back is possible. In fact, businesses that have physical storefronts have an advantage to spark a deeper connection with each customer who walks into your door. What happens next?

Get Started On Cross-Channel Personalization

Today's consumers expect a level of personalization. They want to know when a product they ordered is shipped the moment they hit that buy now button. They rally behind brands that share the same interests as they do. 

Businesses and brands who rely on the power of the physical storefront to attract and motivate consumers to walk-in, engage and make a purchase are discovering the big need to add a digital stack to remain relevant. We saw a great opportunity to help businesses and brands work smarter, not harder. This is why we built the GoGoGuest customer engagement stack.

1. Highly-tailored customer engagement

Personalization is not magical. A brand’s capability to personalize offerings and messages does not happen in a vacuum. It requires a ton of data, insights and the power of AI. Never stagnant, always learning and moving to capture your customer’s next move.

What your customers like and prefer today will not be the same in a few days, weeks or months. So why not create a highly-tailored customer engagement program that gives your marketing and customer teams the edge to build a deep and long-lasting relationship from day 1?

Success is possible with the right data, deep analytics and cross-channel delivery tools.

“GoGoGuest helps you with comprehensive understanding and precise recommendations for how to engage with customers in a targeted, personalized way to drive profits.”

Mark Harvey, Creative Manager
Edley's Bar-B-Que Restaurant Group

2. From digital storefronts to cross-channel conversations

The pandemic has convinced many business owners who relied heavily on their brick-and-mortar experience to attract an audience and grow a loyal following to diversify into online and digital. Extending the storefront experience beyond four walls requires imagination and innovation. 

Today’s modern cloud technologies from WiFi access points, POS systems and eCommerce systems have one thing in common: tons of raw data about your audience and customers. Data turned into smart insights can be used to design better menus driven by flavor combinations that customers buy together. Data helps roasters and restaurateurs plan on how much inventory of beans and ingredients to order from their suppliers. Relevant information when used at the right moment and time helps you make better decisions.

The same principle applies to audience engagement and growing customer loyalty.

Understanding the foot traffic around your storefront’s location, the percentage of the total foot traffic that walks-in to your store, the average time and spend each visit and frequency of return are key data points that a digital storefront can capture. 

Converting anonymized data into a customer profile requires permission. Your customers want to hear from you. They do ask that your message is tailored to what they like about your brand. And that it is sent to them using their preferred channels.

Seeing is believing

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3. Customer engagement toolsets for the modern business owner

Customer engagement toolsets can vary depending on your needs. A new brand opening its first location have very different needs from a brand with multiple locations in many markets and a growing eCommerce channel. 

The GoGoGuest customer engagement toolsets can be highly tailored to a company’s  needs. The best part, we can adjust and scale as your requirements change. When working with GoGoGuest, businesses and brands have access to these engagement toolsets as part of our standard packages or a custom package.

End-To-End Customer Engagement and Loyalty Solutions for brands that sell in-store and online

4. Let's talk about data management

To design and implement a customer engagement strategy that speaks to your customers requires data. A lot of it. Data is a cornerstone foundation of brands and businesses that gain cult status, case in point: Sweet Green and Starbucks.

Modern cloud technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) has made it so much easier to capture and access anonymized data and non-anonymized data. Have you wondered where all your POS data goes if you’re not using it to make better decisions for your business?

Easy access to your data in an organized and understood form is built into our customer engagement package at GoGoGuest. We learned that our expertise in gathering data and analytics from wireless technologies is easily transferable to understanding POS data, online ordering data, eCommerce data and more.

Data-rich customer engagement makes it possible for any brand to speak to their customers in ways that spark conversations That evolve into legends.

5. Deep analytics, AI and your next best action

Understanding data from different sources and making sense of it requires a combination of behavioral analytics, basket analysis and insights from messaging tools like email, SMS, apps and your website.

To support a consistent customer engagement and feedback loop the entire technology stack must work in tandem to support different points of a customer’s journey and lifecycle.

6. Choosing your delivery channels

As your audience and customer grows, so does a company’s need to invest in cross-channel communications that is best suited for each customer group. The pandemic has made email marketing the favored channel of businesses and brands. Average open rates reached 18% per campaign. While personalized and highly targeted campaigns gain over 35%. 

Meanwhile SMS marketing is gaining popularity among consumers. 75% of consumers want to receive special offers via SMS messages according to Small Biz Daily.

Next Steps

Don’t take our word for it. We encourage you to dive in and dig deeper. Have you read The Customer Engagement Playbook? Produced by the GoGoGuest team, it offers actionable next steps and best practices on how to implement brilliant customer experiences across multiple touch points – real or digital.

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