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If you own a coffee shop, brewery, fast casual restaurant or similar business, you probably know that your customers have come to expect WiFi service. Gone are the days when a customer would patiently wait in line to ask for the password from the barista or cashier. If customers can’t figure out how to get online quickly, they will head for the Starbucks around the corner and remember that for next time.  But figuring out the right access point for your business can be overwhelming. How are you supposed to know the right bandwidth and megabits per second you need? What about routers, bridges, and modems? Should it be integrated into your existing services? And how much should you be paying for what kinds of functionality?

bar customers having fun surfing for access points

I started a company called GoGoGuest over a year ago. As we progressed, we listened and learned to our early customers. In this day and age of big data and micro analytics, restaurant style businesses are more focused on using technology and data to grow, we are a welcome new category of service provider that has recently emerged in this space, and we promise to make all these networking and access point decisions a lot easier.

All-in-one WiFi management company GoGoGuest is quickly growing around the country just from word of mouth.

Michael Hobson, a veteran restaurateur in Silicon Valley and the owner of Rookies Sports Lodge in Downtown San Jose and Willow Glen, said that the platform is “So simple, no engineering or IT needed.” He added, “GoGoGuest helps us improve our store experience by providing customers with secure hourly WiFi seamlessly. We’re excited about building our permission based email list, better understanding who our customers are and knowing where to invest our marketing Dollars with GoGoGuest. We are very excited about what GoGoGuest can do for the brick and mortar business segment.”

With zero effort restaurants, coffee shops, breweries and bars are growing their customer list organically with GoGoGuest.

GoGoGuest is unique because we work with each business to determine a bespoke solution. Before the access point is shipped, everything is already taken-care of from the set-up of WiFi hotspots, elegantly branded captive splash pages to improve customer engagement, messaging and marketing automation is adjusted based on your business’ customer segments. Your customers will enjoy free, secure WiFi, while you enjoy the organic capture of valuable analytics. With the better understanding of your customers, you’ll also be able to personalize your marketing and social media campaigns, turning daily traffic into loyal fans.
Additionally, GoGoGuest enables you to start offering in-seat and in-store purchasing, a functionality that on its own has been shown to boost sales.

Keith Wixson, the Owner of Blackwood Coffee Bar in West Hollywood, shared, “In the first 2 hours of installing GoGoGuest, we saw our laptop customers purchase 32% more than they would normally spend. We’ve tried 3 other solutions in the past. None of them worked.”

Times have certainly changed. Secure and effective data and digital management should now be on every businesses’ New Year’s resolutions list. GoGoGuest is an easy and affordable solution to keep your business ahead of the curve.

Thomas Scott., CEO of Brand Journalist a franchise network marketing system and owner of Just Love Coffee Music Row and a few Woops locations in Nashville put it simply, “Every food and beverage brick and mortar should use GoGoGuest to grow their business.”

GoGoGuest platform gives business owners an in-depth view of customer segments for better marketing performance and increase in sales.

Schedule a short 20-minute consultation and demo of our all-in-one data, insights and marketing automation with WiFi service trusted by a growing number of food service business owners in over 10 markets in the United States.

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