Automate Your Business WiFi Service With POS Integration


Today we are launching a brand new feature called Business WiFi Service With POS Integration, which allows coffee shops and fast casual food service retailers to fully automate their guest WiFi experience.

We firmly believe that a seamless guest experience will help our customers grow their business in much faster, more efficient ways.

GoGoGuest Business WiFi Service with POS is a direct integration with your cloud POS, immediately relieving your staff from the operational and guest experience management that comes with offering free WiFi.

Businesses are also seeing measurable returns from repeat business in-store and online after installing GoGoGuest. With our built-in customer marketing platform’s dynamic segmentation and automation food service and hospitality businesses are able to engage customer by customer in a timely and personalized manner.

Feature highlights:

  • Automate your guest WiFi access, customer by customer. Each guest receives the same level of access using the order number from their purchase. Say good-bye to managing guest WiFi usernames and passwords in post-its. Start saving on Dollars printing usernames and passwords on napkin holders or table signs.
  • Get to know your customers by name and preference. With a built-in customer marketing platform, coffee shops are able to personalize each customer’s digital experience from the moment they connect to your guest WiFi and other digital touch points like your website, social media pages, mobile app and cloud POS.
  • Reward your high-value customers. Use our smart automations for frequency of visit, zip code and spend to identify and reward your most loyal customers.
  • 100% software. GoGoGuest does not require any hardware to work! Our POS integration is available for coffee shops or any venue who wants to integrate with their cloud POS. All you need is a GoGoGuest business account and a web hook or API license key from your POS provider. We’ll take care of the integration.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Because our business WiFi experience and multi-channel customer marketing is fully customizable for your food service and hospitality business, there are so many powerful use cases we can explore.

We are excited about this feature for 4 reasons:

  • Immediate efficiency gains in daily revenue. Our early adopters are seeing a high return rate with 6x the purchase.
  • Turn an infrastructure expense from cost center to a profit center.
  • Elevate your guest experience in-store customer by customer
  • Extend and personalize engagement customer by customer with dynamic segmentation and automation tools.

At GoGoGuest, we build solutions so you can spend more time on what you love the most: crafting the best coffee, beer, wine, food and guest experience that your customers love and enjoy. Let us do the hard stuff for you.

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