For today’s on-the-go, time-starved digital nomads, entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, and knowledge workers, coffee is the source of life. No one ever wants to run out of coffee at home or in the workplace. GoGoGuest offers a new way for your coffee shop to make money: a Subscription model for coffee. Instead of making one transaction per customer - selling them one cup of coffee upon arrival at the shop - GoGoGuest lets you keep selling to them throughout their visit, with relevant, customized offers for Subscriptions to their favorite coffees. Coffee Subscription offers add value for your best customers while boosting your shop’s revenue.

By turning on the GoGoGuest Subscription module for your in-store experience, you open your venue to the opportunity of upselling customers who are currently in your store, while also creating a repeat business/customer loyalty opportunity for people who live and work in your neighborhood.

With Subscriptions, your customers gain added value. By offering a monthly Subscription, you can give your customers access to a well-curated coffee shop marketplace, experiencing the best coffee and enjoying special incentives and rewards.


GoGoGuest Monthly Subscriptions help your shop:

  • Select the products you’d like your customers to purchase every month.

  • Request one of our team members to review your store branded commerce page.

  • You will be notified once your Subscription module s live in your in-store landing pages