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Email Marketing

Email marketing ROI (return on investment) is an average of $44 for every $1 spent. It is 40 times more effective than social media marketing and at least three times more effective than any other marketing channel. Relying on your POS system or eCommerce platform for email marketing offers some quick basic tools for engagement. However, brands and businesses who seek to elevate their customer experience and fully own the customer lifecycle management across locations and markets need more than the basics. Your consumers expect a level of personalization that a data-rich cross-channel customer engagement platform can scale and support.

Successful Mall Digital Marketing Strategies

Successful Mall Digital Marketing Strategies The year of 2020 and winter 2020/21 season, is likely to be one of the most challenging times for retailers, as mall developers cope with the restrictions and risks of COVID-19. Along with winterizing the mall shopping experience dining experience or expanding services for curb side pick-up, concierge virtual shopping …

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The Email Marketing Playbook for Hospitality Brands

The Email Marketing Playbook For Hospitality Brands Our Email Marketing Guide for Hospitality and Restaurants provides actionable strategies and easy-to-use tools to implement conversational email marketing programs that do not get ignored. The barrier to starting is understanding, so we created this guide for independent owned businesses to multi-location hospitality brands who are looking for …

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