Direct To Consumer Brands Use Customer Data To Pop Up

Direct to consumer (DTC) brands or online retailers have a wealth of data, insights and trends about their customers.  DTC brands use the information to drive product decisions, inventory, marketing and where to create pop up shops. In short, customer data and insights drive an online retailer’s customer experience from every point of a customer’s journey.

This guide offers a framework for direct to consumer retailers who want to ramp up your pop up shop plans.

Customer data and insights drive an online retailer’s customer experience from every point of a customer’s journey. As a digitally native brand,” Ms. Peevey says, “data drives everything we do.”

How To Use Customer Data To Create Pop Up Shops 

Before investing in a pop up shop, direct to consumer brands or online retailers evaluate key digital performance metrics and their audience buying behavior before making the pop up shop investment. Why should a pop up rely on online metrics to create real-world customer experiences?

Here ‘s why:

Know your audience. Digital native brands or online retailers collect a ton of customer data and insights. A few of these insights include browsing habits, shopping habits (the best time customers like to shop, which products they love, their location, etc.) and how much they are most likely to spend on an item. This wealth of information empowers a direct to consumer retailer to make decisions based on knowing what their audience wants.

When Maria Peevey opened a pop-up shop for her women’s-apparel company two years ago, she put it right where her potential customers liked to shop, and she stocked it with exactly the products they liked to buy.

She could do all that because her company, the Reset, is a digitally native retailer—one without a permanent physical outlet. As an online shop, it collects tons of data about shoppers, which Ms. Peevey scrutinized and then leveraged in opening her pop-up, or temporary real-world store that often stays open only for several months. Other businesses may keep them open for only weeks or days.

As a digitally native brand,” Ms. Peevey says, “data drives everything we do.”

Put your online data to work. Using data and insights to develop new product or market strategies is intrinsic to digitally native brands or online first brands. As they broaden to expand their market reach, decide where to set up a pop up shop or a brick and mortar storefront, data is a big part of the decision-making, planning and implementation workflow. As an example, audience zip codes of online customers and the most popular items within that market drives where they set up pop ups, for how long and the products that become part of that pop up location’s inventory.

Gathering real-world insights. Once your pop up location or brick and mortar storefront is set-up, part of the missing link is better understanding real-world insights. Understanding how your audience behaves in your storefront could drive decisions in your merchandise display, walk-through format, unique conversions from digital to storefront and new customers. There are easy and simple ways to gather in-store data and customer journeys.

Digital and real-world insights in action. With advancement in software technology and smarter hardware, bringing digital and brick and mortar data is much simpler today. GoGoGuest takes retailers a step further by highlighting compelling insights and making them actionable.

A version of this guide was first published on The Storefront, a GoGoGuest pop up experience partner. 

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