Power your Business with a Data-Driven Marketing Platform

Know Your Customers

Every savvy marketer recognizes that marketing campaigns and programs powered by customer data and key insights result in a highly-engaged consumer. With GoGoGuest, we make this process simple and easy – we connect and capture all your disparate data sources in one place in one simple and easy to use customer marketing platform.

This is How We Supercharge Your Marketing:

  • Get one step ahead of your customers and predict their next move. With GoGoGuest we collect customer data and key insights about where your customers are coming from and traveling to, browsing behaviors and frequency of in-store visits, to closely monitor and identify trends.
  • Sync your POS and loyalty program purchase level data with location and browsing data to identify consumption patterns, customer segments and key buying behavior and insights.
  • Create customer journey touchpoints at every potential opportunity – online or in the physical world. With GoGoGuest, your marketers are able to glean key customer insights and the best customer journey touchpoints to engage and convert a newly acquired customer into a loyal customer.
  • Our simple and easy to use platform offers multiple touchpoints across in-store, digital and commerce. Keep customers consistently engaged with communication channels that matter to them.

We Make Difficult Things Look Easy