GoGoGuest – Turn-Key Data And Customer Intelligence To Grow Your Restaurant

Work smarter, not harder

Capture and understand mountains of customer data from multiple business systems. With GoGoGuest Restaurant Data solutions collect, organize and understand millions of data in minutes. It’s like having your in-house data-scientist.

Customer Data Management


Single View Of Your Customers

Gain a complete view of your customers' purchase behavior across channels (in-store or online), by location, interests and preferences. Easily plan and manage multi-channel customer campaigns driven by key attributes.

Enterprise Grade Security

Our enterprise-grade permissions systems and air-tight security functions work to keep your data safe and easy to manage on a global scale.

Group Customers By Behavior And Value

Organize and create customer groups by a wide variety of segmentation variables including average order value, recency, frequency, products and location.


GoGoGuest’s Restaurant Data solutions does not require a technical team or a data scientist to implement. All the heavy lifting is done for you.

Data Warehousing

Capture, store and secure all your customer data in one place.


Organize, understand millions of data from all your sales channels in seconds.


GoGoGuest works with your favorite cloud POS systems and solutions you already use.


Understanding customer buying patterns is essential, to optimize profit margins and revenue.

See your data in action

Experience what it means to gain a front-row seat to customer purchase patterns, across your restaurant’s sales channels.

Use customer insights to drive engagement in every touchpoint.

Use what you learn from your data to design personalized and behavior driven customer outreach.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Design and personalize loyalty programs that align with value. Reward your best customers, encourage the rest.

Cafe WiFi Marketing

Elevate your in-store experience with guest wifi marketing. Gain immediate ROI.

Email Marketing

Create and send beautiful and elegant, targeted messages that customers are excited to open and act on.

SMS Marketing

Easily create and send targeted SMS campaigns focused on your most local and loyal fans.

Resources to support you along the way

Delightful Loyalty Program Ideas For Restaurants

How do you personalize your brand’s customer engagement and grow a loyal base of customers across ordering channels, especially when data exchange is not seamless from one channel to another? Here are some of the best loyalty program ideas for restaurants.

Why Your Business Needs Marketing Segmentation

Marketing segmentation or customer groups is a tool that most marketing platforms offer. It allows you to view, access and create personalized campaigns, by customer segment. Marketing segmentation is most powerful when your restaurant marketing team has access to the right data.

How To Market Your Restaurant Concept

There are more than 1 million restaurant locations in the United States. That’s some fierce competition if you’re a restaurateur or restaurant operator. You know that to win new customers and increase revenue, you’ll need to gain consumers’ attention in your local market(s) as quickly as possible.

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GoGoGuest Restaurant Data solutions eliminates the guess work that come with starting, running and growing a restaurant concept.

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