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Personalization by time zone

Sending campaigns to an audience in multiple time zones? We got your covered with our dynamic send-time optimization for email marketing and SMS messages.

Choose the best time to send email campaigns

Whether A/B testing a campaign or simply sending one, send-time optimization positions your message in the best time a recipient opens and reads their message.


The Customer Engagement Playbook

Humanity in action. What customer engagement is, why it matters and what you need to know.

While you were sleeping

Deliver an email or SMS campaign at the precise time zone in which your subscriber resides. Send time optimization is an awesome tool for restaurant marketers who are reaching a national or international audience.

Real-time campaign reports with geo-location data

Geographic location data is permission based and is collected from subscribers when they opt-in to your list, or interact with an email you’ve sent. 


Ask all your questions and gain a clear picture of your audience in a demo. It takes 15-seconds to book.

Data Is The Foundation For Personalization

Crafting a personalized message for thousands or millions of customers who visit your restaurant is almost impossible without these tools.


Learn about your audience preferences and behavioral patterns by adding segmentation rules and values to each segment.


Personalize each customer journey with content that is relevant to the shopper's recent or previous engagement.


Understanding guest behavior is critical to staying ahead of the trends, building powerful marketing and loyalty programs, and converting casual customers into your biggest fans.


Unlock behavior patterns that is focused on menu items or products, available across your sales channels.

Resources to support you along the way

Delightful Loyalty Programs Ideas For Restaurants

Growing customer loyalty is the cornerstone for the success of any restaurant-type business or fast-casual restaurant. At the same time, gaining new and engaged customers isn’t just a simple question of posting on social media and advertising online. For example, in recent years, ads have become 91% more intrusive. This means that your consumers will “filter out” ad content from brands like yours. Instead, consumers are leaning towards brands that offer personalization and a better customer experience to win their shares of wallet and loyalty.

Why Your Business Needs Marketing Segmentation

Segmentation criteria can vary and is driven by a marketer’s goals or programs. In this guide, we will cover the benefits of marketing segmentation, types of segmentation criteria and how to use marketing segmentation in your customer engagement programs.

Seven Pillars Of Pop Up Shop Success

We now live in the experience age, where consumers of all ages, especially millennials, are opting to spend their money seeking out and participating in experiences, rather than products as the generations before them did. One low-risk method of getting on the experience bandwagon, especially for digital-only brands, is to invest in a pop-up shop or pop-up retail store.

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