GoGoGuest – Turn-Key Data And Customer Intelligence To Grow Your Restaurant

Life is a journey

Getting to know customers across all your restaurant’s sales channels is possible. It starts with one customer journeys triggered by behavioral signals.

Customer Journeys


Activate Every New Customer Acquisition

The first opportunity for your restaurant concept to say 'hello' and grow a new customer relationship at the first visit, in any sales channel.

Decrease The Gap Between Orders

The first few customer journeys are designed to understand and get to know a customer, each sales trigger is personalized and crafted based on behavior.

Grow Spend Over Time

Use GoGoGuest's easy customer journey mapping tools to design multi-step journeys to encourage loyalty and grow spend and visits over time.

Personalization wins

Personalization is as good as the data you have about your customers. Understanding the purchase patterns and behaviors that drive a customer cohort to engage and make purchase is part of designing your customer journeys.

Test, measure and iterate

Transparency is king. See real-time campaign performance and insights for each customer journey. This is a good signal to review to help your team iterate and refine your journeys.

Dig Into Your Restaurant's Customer Analytics

Let GoGoGuest connect the dots between buying behavior and opportunities to grow your restaurant’s revenue. No data scientist or analysts needed.

Customer journeys that produce insights

When customer journeys are designed to align with a customer’s buying behavior, the chances are increased for a repeat purchase. Data-driven powered journeys are design learning opportunities to improve your next message for higher conversions and ROI.

Ready To Dive In To Your Data?

You won’t need a costly data scientist or engineering team. GoGoGuest will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Resources To Support You Along The Way

Coffee Shop Marketing Tips

Marketing your coffee shop business is central to getting regular customers who drive sales and revenue. When you open, you’ll be able to rely on some new customers coming to check out your coffee shop. But longer-term, you’ll want to implement a marketing strategy that builds steady brand awareness, lets people know where to find you and entices new customers to come into your coffee shop. Here’s our rundown of the 12 best marketing tips for your coffee shop:


If you’re planning on or dreaming about opening a restaurant or coffee shop, understanding how much it costs is a must. So, how much does it cost to run a restaurant? The cost of running your restaurant will depend on what kind it is – coffee shop, full service, takeout-only, etc; whether you lease or rent the building; the cost of living in your location; and many other factors.

How Profitable Should My Restaurant Be?

How profitable are restaurants? They can be very profitable in terms of overall money coming in or total profits, but the problem comes in after costs with profit margins, which are typically not very high. Some major chains and popular upscale restaurants can generate a healthy income, while many restaurants take on other things for more income, such as real estate, cooking classes, shows and expanding their brand by selling products and merchandise online.

A package for every restaurant concept

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