Life is a journey

One step at a time. It starts with knowing customer groups, understanding what motivates your audience and refining your relationship with customer journeys that deliver delight.

Customer Journeys


Deliver Delight

There is an opportunity in every hello. Empower front-of-the-house teams with actionable information delivered to your POS system and digital engagement channels.

Cross-Channel Customer Journeys

Create and send behavior triggered customer journeys for your in-store and online channels. Use key customer attributes from purchase data, preferred products, interest, frequency of visit, average order and more!

Customer Journey Mapping Tools

Use GoGoGuest easy drag and drop customer journey mapping tools to design multi-step customer journey campaigns for your in-store and online channels.

Measure, Iterate And Refine

Test and refine multiple variants of each campaign. Use GoGoGuest analytics and AI to implement your next best marketing action.

Personalize customer experiences

Design unlimited customer journeys to deliver delight and personalize the customer experience at each touchpoint. Easily add, remove and change rules that trigger each message.

Measure performance and act

Transparency is king. See real-time performance and insights for each customer journey. Iterate and refine.

Deliver delight, anywhere

The modern consumer is everywhere. With GoGoGuest, marketers and customer teams can attract, reach, convert and engage across any channel. 

Attract, Engage And Grow Loyalty

See GoGoGuest cross-channel customer journeys in action.

Types of Customer Loyalty Programs

API centric customer loyalty programs for brands of all sizes.

Resources To Support You Along The Way

A Single View Of Each Customer Profile

Learn how a single view of your customer can make a difference for your business.

What Is A Unified Customer Experience, Anyway?

Build upon every customer data and interaction for a unified customer experience.

No Fee Online Reservations For Restaurants

GoGoGuest delivers simple restaurant solutions to complex problems.

There is something for everyone

Choose the right package for you.