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Rewards they'll love

Along side our data, analytics and engagement solutions, GoGoGuest designs custom loyalty and rewards programs for restaurant concepts of all sizes.

Custom Loyalty Programs


A Unique Loyalty Program For Your Restaurant

Go beyond the boring 1 point for a $1 point system. Today, consumers flock around restaurant concepts for a few reasons. Exciting customer loyalty and rewards programs is one of them.

It's Like A CRM For Your High Value Customers

Your front-of-the house team will know who your high-value customers are, the moment they place their orders with your barista or service staff. They'll be able to make personalized recommendations that fit your customer's profile. Rewards are easily visible and redeemable in-app for customers who prefer to order online.

It Works With All Your Systems, No Hardware Required

GoGoGuest uses your POS solution to calculate points and align it with the rewards program that you'd like to support. Prefer to have your own app? Yes we can! There are no other hardware needed. No expensive engineers required.

Works with your POS solution

GoGoGuest works along your other favorite solutions from WiFi systems, POS systems and eCommerce platforms. You can lean on GoGoGuest for your full-cycle engagement and loyalty stack.  Learn about our integrations.

Choose from different types of loyalty programs

The most successful restaurant customer loyalty programs are powered by behavioral triggers. Rewards are a blend of earning points and ad hoc rewards that your guests find highly motivating and enticing. Learn about the different types of restaurant loyalty programs we can design alongside your POS solution.


Are your loyalty reward redemptions driving revenue? Let GoGoGuest run a sales effectiveness analysis of your existing customer loyalty program.

Robust customer loyalty engine

Let GoGoGuest design an ROI driven customer loyalty program for your restaurant concept. Our customer loyalty engine seamlessly integrates with your POS and online ordering systems. No expensive engineering or data scientist needed.


Design a custom loyalty program for your restaurant concept that is focused on acquiring and growing high-value customers.


Gain a complete view of menu items purchased together across sales channels.


Create dynamic customer segments across product, demographic and buying behaviors.


Personalize your email marketing content and offers customer by customer group and individual preferences.


With good data, restaurant marketers earn a clear path to re-targeting personalization new email, SMS and ad campaigns.


Every new customer acquisition is a potential loyal customer. Offer rewards they’ll love from day 1.

Resources to support you along the way


Market Basket Analysis (MBA), also known as affinity analysis, is a data mining technique. You can use MBA to uncover meaningful correlations across products and customer purchase patterns. At GoGoGuest, Market Basket Analysis is a module that is part of our Analytics and AI platform. It helps brands predict customer behavior and find purchasing patterns.

Delightful Loyalty Program Ideas for Restaurants

Growing customer loyalty is the cornerstone for the success of any restaurant-type business or fast-casual restaurant. At the same time, gaining new and engaged customers isn’t just a simple question of posting on social media and advertising online. Let’s get to it! Here are some of easy-to-implement loyalty program tips to get you started:

Why Your Business Needs Marketing Segmentation

What is marketing segmentation? It is the process in which a large data base or list of customers are divided into groups based on common criteria and characteristics. Marketing segmentation helps your business efficiently personalize, target and re-target audience and customers who have engaged and shown interest in your brand or business.

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Seamlessly and securely connect your favorite POS system, eCommerce platform and more!

Ready to dive in?

Personalize your customer loyalty program in ways that excite your best fans. Let us show you how.