Paving the path to customer loyalty

Along side our customer engagement solutions, GoGoGuest delivers  customer loyalty programs that combines in-store and  eCommerce customer experiences that add value.

Customer Loyalty Programs


Move In-Store And eCommerce Loyalty Beyond Points

Drive any business KPI you need in-store or in your eCommerce channel. Build a loyal community across transactions, interests, virtual and experiential events.

Design Your Brand's Unique Loyalty Program

Go beyond transactions by introducing mechanics and logic that drive incentives that surprise and delight. Offer tiers and VIP clubs to drive long-term and repeatable engagement.

Encourage Valuable Consumer Behavior

Reward any behavior and engage customers outside of the buying cycle. Incentivize social media activity, gamify the customer experience or promote sustainability and engage your audience and customers based on their interests.

Elevate Your Cross-Channel Guest Experience

Offer exclusive rewards and bonus points for your most engaged customer groups in-store or online. Offer rewards in every online ordering or shopping channel.

Works along-side your stack

GoGoGuest works along your other favorite solutions from WiFi systems, POS systems and eCommerce platforms. You can lean on GoGoGuest for your full-cycle engagement and loyalty stack.

Working with a stack you love, but need an easy way to collect, organize and understand your data ? We can help.

Smart customer journeys

There is an opportunity in every hello.  Prepare your in-store and online store channels with the right customer touch points to reach, act, convert and engage, customer by customer.

Clear next steps!

Armed with rich-data and smart segmentations, GoGoGuest unlocks key customer insights and your next best action.

Think big and small

GoGoGuest analytics and AI technology empowers marketers and customer teams with actionable touch points that drive value for each loyalty milestone.

Types of Customer Loyalty Programs

Which customer loyalty program is the best fit for your business strategy and goals?

Resources to support you along the way

Personalized Marketing That Grows Customer Loyalty

It starts with your data and a laser focus on personalizing every customer interaction.

How To Design Customer Loyalty Programs That Add Value

Five strategies to grow customer loyalty for all sizes of brands and businesses.

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We partner with your other favorite solutions

Seamlessly and securely connect your favorite POS system, eCommerce platform and more!

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Personalize your customer loyalty program in ways that excite your best fans. Let us show you how.