Data humanizes your brand

Personalize your engagement customer by customer.  Synchronize customer data from channels, platforms and your store locations for a complete view of the customer.



Eliminate Data Inconsistencies

Data inconsistencies occur when information from parallel systems do not connect in one central place. Marketing and customer teams have to manually import, export reports - creating room for error and more inconsistencies.

Use Accurate and Good Data

Data sync provides a complete and accurate view of every customer interaction, popular product combinations and how certain products perform or not perform.

Dynamic Customer Groups

Effortlessly create dynamic customer groups from millions of customer profiles in seconds. Simply add rules to assign key attributes for deeper personalization.

Unify your customer data

GoGoGuest data sync seamlessly integrates your POS system, eCommerce platform and third-party applications. This means all your customer data from different sources are unified in one place. The data syncing process is performed automatically, so your marketing and customer teams will save a lot of time and effort to manual reporting and exporting of customer data.

Measure performance by campaign engagement

Easily measure your list performance by engagement. Marketers and customer teams can create targeted campaigns throughout the customer lifecycle.

Measure performance by behavior across channels

Gain a clear view of all your customer groups . Transparency encourages marketing and customer teams to work better together. See ideas overflow on better and timely engagement to raising the bar on customer service.

Unleash your data

Automatically sync, organize and map your data from your POS system, eCommerce platform, WiFi system and third-party applications.

The Customer Engagement Playbook

Humanity in action. What customer engagement is, why it matters and what you need to know.

Resources To Support You Along The Way

Customers Should Influence Your Entire Approach To Engagement

Let customers be your guide when crafting a customer engagement and loyalty program.

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Organize millions of customer profiles by key information in a matter of minutes.

Why DTC Retailers Are Investing In Pop Up Shops?

DTC brands are popping up and expanding their physical retail foot print with data.

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Humanize your brand with accurate data

Create deep and personalized customer engagement across channels.