How Digital Nomads Are Changing The Business Of Coffee Houses


We launched the public beta of our GoGoGuest connected printer on September 12. Excited to share that we’re now in two locations: Chai Barby David Rio in San Francisco and Asha Tea in Berkeley. Here’s what we’re learning:

Coffee and tea house traditions are changing, again

As mobile technology and devices become the preferred way of communicating, consuming, buying and connecting coffee and tea house entrepreneurs are seeing the shift in customer behavior when in their venue.

Coffee in 1620s became an anchor for society’s thirst for Scientific Revolution. People gathered in coffee houses. The experience was often referred to as “enlightenment by the cup”. In doing so, coffee houses provided an entirely new environment for social, intellectual, commercial and political exchange. In the 17th century, coffee houses evolved to be a hub for power networking for the business world.
—The History of the World in 6 Glasses, Tom Standage

Fast forward to present day. In the age when we all have mobile devices and are reliant on WiFi connection to communicate, consume media/content and be productive, the time we spend and how we spend it in a coffee house is changing, again. At independent coffee houses we’re working with or the larger brands like Starbucks or Peets, there are usually 6–10 customers with laptops hanging out with an empty glass next to their lap top or Macbook Pro from a beverage purchased 2–3 hours ago. Our robust customer behavior and analytics shows that the 1:4/6 ratio (buy one beverage, stay for 4-6 hours) is consistent across small to large coffee houses. GoGoGuest helps merchants create opportunities customer by customer while increasing the average transaction per customer up to 30%.

Better managed WiFi is a first step for coffee and tea houses to provide co-working services to the 55 Million go working community.

80/20 daily transactions

Independent coffee houses are seeing 80% of their daily transactions come from walk-in and take away customers. While 20% of their daily transactions come from customers who walk-in then sit-down for hours to either watch Netflix, play video games and do work. This segment of coffee house customers are more popularly known as the work anywhere people. At GoGoGuest, we refer to them as the “go workers.” How do we create awareness, influence and change the behavior of the “go working” customer group while keeping them happy? At GoGoGuest, this is the challenge we wake up to everyday. Our solution allows the small and business food and beverage segment like coffee houses manage and offer a better experience to the 55 Million digital nomad community. WiFi is a great first step for us to prove our hypothesis.

What the work anywhere crowd wants

Go workers enjoy the freedom of movement. Meaning, this crowd is very comfortable with a temporary residence in a co-living space like Common, take meetings across San Francisco from Tenderloin, SOMA to the Mission in one day while keeping productive in between. This behavior is not unique in San Francisco. I personally work and socialize in similar fashion in Portland, New York City, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Milan, Berlin — anywhere. Four walls, a permanent desk and a floor no longer apply to the 55 Million work anywhere crowd.
A seat and desk, coffee and connectivity are the common items that a go worker seeks for when choosing their temporary work space for the hour or few hours. While flexibility, movement, safety and comfort are the common threads of emotions that resonate across age groups of the work anywhere crowd.

Chris O’Connor and Jessica Valenzuela, the dynamic duo co-Founders at GoGoGuest with Luis Ruvacalba, General Manager at the Chai Bar in San Francisco

Focus on an excellent product and experience

At typical go worker loves discovering gems as they navigate any City. They appreciate coffee house and tea shop merchants who always go the extra mile to welcome them home. It may be the unique selection of brews and food pairings, the customers your venue attracts, a consistent WiFi connection, lighting or how clean you keep your bathrooms — they notice your attention to detail. The great news is there is a willingness on their part to compensate for these services to ensure productivity, safety and comfort.
Stay tuned for more lessons from our public beta. Feel free to connect with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram. We’d love to hear from you.
To help you find your next source of co-working and caffeine install our iOS mobile app. It would be a great way for you to learn which venues are powered by the GoGoGuest platform.
GoGoGuestis a modern guest services and marketing solution focused on elevating customer quality and experience in the Third Place.

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