Drive Sales With Marketing Automations

Marketing automations or “triggers” when used with data and rules are powerful tools that help drive repeat purchases for restaurants, coffee shops, taprooms, hospitality and retail brands. 

There are 3 key ingredients for marketing automations to drive sales: data, rules and content.This guide provides six examples of effective marketing automations that guide the buying and decision-making experience of consumers.

Top Marketing Automation Samples For Brands And Businesses Of All Sizes

Your audience and customers would love to continue learning about your brand. Give them a reason to want more with these marketing automations.

1. Welcome marketing automations

What are welcome automations? It is a series of personalized messages that trigger when a customer’s behavior or pattern satisfies a rule assigned to that automation.

A marketing automation rule is always tied to a piece of information or data that your brand has collected with permission from your  customer. When rules and data are aligned, marketing automation provides marketers and customer teams with the information they need to create more personalized content for each customer group, segment or cohort.

A few examples of our favorite welcome series:
  • A warm welcome to introduce your brand. This is a great opportunity for your executive team to connect and add a personal message about company values and mission.
  • How to stay connected. Share ways a customer can connect with your brand – your online ordering link, a reservation link or even the delivery apps your brand uses. Have your own app? Make sure to let them know! 
  • Weekly food pairings. Humans are creatures of habit. Making decisions when looking at your menu can be difficult for many. So make this easier by sharing food pairing ideas on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. They’ll love you for it! 
  • Oh btw, we have a secret menu! Special programs like secret menus or half-off last minute deals are great marketing automations that drive immediate revenue. Customer cohorts who meet the criteria tend to be your locals and  most frequent purchasers.

"GoGoGuest marketing automations is an easy tool to remind customers about our online ordering options. At 61.5% open rate and a solid conversion, GoGoGuest is re-shaping how we drive sales to our coffee shop locations.

Ike Escava, Owner
The Bean NYC

2. Birthday marketing automations

Food and beverage is almost always the centerpiece of celebrations. Increase your opportunity to be the birthday celebrant’s gathering place of choice. 

Send a birthday automation at least a week in advance!

How to set-up your birthday automations

  • Start 7 days before the birthday.
  • Because we all celebrate birthdays differently, make sure to offer a flexible timing for when to redeem the birthday treat.
  • Include a meaningful message.
  • When a birthday reservation is made, let your front-of-the house team know that a very special guest is dining that evening. It is the small things that go a long way! 

"B2C marketers who connect with customers through automated emails see conversion rates as high as 50%.

See what is possible.

Talk to sales.

3. Personal interest marketing automations

With rich-data seamlessly funneled into your smart segmentations, there are endless opportunities for ways to personalize your content through automations that are associated with a customer’s interests.

Here are a few examples of personal interest focused marketing automations

  • Tasting events specific to a craft beer style
  • Tasting events specific to a specialty beverage (wine, whiskey, sake, shochu?)
  • Tasting events that are all about chocolate, coffee or both?
  • You can even go deeper by focusing on palette flavors 
  • If you’re a retailer, personal interest data could be focused on shopping interests like fashion and accessories, fashion, gifts and home etc.
Drive Sales With Marketing Automation

4. Win-back marketing automations

There will be a cohort of customers in your ALL CUSTOMERS list who will start dropping off your most active or engaged cohort? 

Why? When a brand is not able to make a connection in the early phases of a relationship with a new customer, engagement slows down. 

After 30-60 days of 0 engagement, 0 visits from a previous customer, your marketing and customer team must have win-back automations ready to go.

Here are examples of win-back automations

  • Entice lagging customers with your favorite appetizer and a small discount
  • Are they a Level 1 member of your customer loyalty program? Let them know how close they are to becoming a Level 2 and the perks they’re about to gain.
  • Encourage more purchases with special “bonus reward points”
  • For retailers who sell online or in-store, free shipping is always a big winner! 

5. Referral marketing automations

Does your business thrive with referrals? Make it easy for customers to share the love of your brand with referral automations. 

Here are a few examples of the best referral automations 

  • After a confirmed purchase, don’t be shy about asking for a referral from your new customer. 
  • Gift your customer with a 20% OFF for every referral who makes a purchase with a personal referral link
  • Is your new customer a social media star? Gift them with something they can share with their fans! 

6. Transactional marketing automations

Do you shop online? If yes, then you’ve received a transactional email marketing automation about your purchase. 

Transactional marketing automations usually include a confirmation of your purchase, when it would be shipped and finally when it has arrived!

Transactional marketing automation ideas for hospitality brands

  • For hospitality, coffee shop and restaurant brands, after a customer’s confirmed first-time purchase, it is okay to funnel this cohort to your welcome series email.
  • Your welcome series at this level could branch off in two different categories: in-store and online ordering.
  • For retail sales, make sure you have the traditional transactional email messages set-up. Doing so builds trust in your brand. Acknowledging a consumer’s purchase and being transparent about shipment, arrivals or delays could make the difference between a recommendation, a repeat purchase or an angry customer! 

Next Steps

Don’t take our word for it. We encourage you to dive in and dig deeper. Have you read The Customer Engagement Playbook? Produced by the GoGoGuest team, it offers actionable next steps and best practices on how to implement these actionable marketing automation tips that help drive sales.

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