Email Marketing Is Bigger Than Facebook


Email Has a HUGE Reach

Social media sites like Facebook have 2.45 billion monthly active users, as of the third quarter of 2019. Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide ( Statista ), yet email marketing has a much higher reach with an upward of over 4 billion users (Statista).

As a comparison, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube require that a user provides a valid email address to send notifications, authentication and more. This makes sense, knowing that their users rely heavily on their inbox to drive traffic back to their sites. 

If these platforms are using email as a channel to reach and engage their users, why shouldn’t you?

Email Is So Effective

Focusing on the right metrics will help you analyze and improve your marketing campaigns. Here is a short-list of ingredients for an effective email campaigns:

  • Localize your content. If you’re using powerful segmentation tools you’ll be able to learn about your fast growing markets and their interests.
  • Keep it fresh. Sending the same campaigns and offers can get boring. Test a variety of contests, give-aways and or events to gain the curiosity of your audience. 
  • Recognize your most valuable audience. Brands overtime will develop different levels of audience engagement. Keep tabs on your core audience, be open to new data from other customer segments. 
  • Test and analyze. Test your subject line, the content of your campaign and analyze customer behavior. Go deeper than your open rates and click-through rates.
  • Revamp your strategy one step at a time. Make small incremental changes within an achievable timeline.

Email marketing has an ROI of 4300% – Marketo

You’ve Grown Your Email List By 200%  What Is Next?

Email marketing is bigger than Facebook

Email lists can be created by web forms on your websites, landing pages and yes, WiFi captive portals. 

With branded captive portals in physical stores, businesses are seeing their email lists grow by an average of 10-30 active email subscribers per day. 

Offering Free WiFi is a powerful incentive to rope in gig workers, professionals and students.  Everyday customers with Dollars to spend.

Requiring a purchase before a guest can connect to WiFi makes it an even better proposition, because you know that the guest values your brand, your space, and your services.

Meanwhile, direct-to-consumer brands online are attracting consumers to give up their email address for 10% to 15% OFF their first purchase. I have personally given up my inbox address for this incentive. My email address in exchange for a discount from a brand that I trust is powerful!

Using Data and Analytics To Create Valuable Incentives

Sending a unique offer code to an inbox is not a guarantee that a customer will return or remember to use that code.

Send a unique offer that is tied to a favorite beverage, craft beer or appetizer, now that makes a BIG DIFFERENCE.  

Start Using Your Subscriber List. Implement An Email Strategy Today.

Try implementing the tips and methods recommended in this guide. Have questions about our captive portals or need help with your email strategy?

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