The Email Marketing Playbook For Hospitality Brands

Our Email Marketing Guide for Hospitality and Restaurants provides actionable strategies and easy-to-use tools to implement conversational email marketing programs that do not get ignored. The barrier to starting is understanding, so we created this guide for independent owned businesses to multi-location hospitality brands who are looking for growth opportunities that are highly profitable.

The average ROI for email marketing is $38 for every $1 spent.

Email Marketing Tools For Hospitality Brands

Customer engagement is no longer a one-size fits all approach. Customers seek to connect with the brands that they love. Cross-channel customer experience plays a big role in your brand's influence and customer loyalty.

The pandemic is accelerating cross-channel digital experiences for brick-and-mortar first businesses like hospitality and restaurants. Learn how to implement an email marketing program that is profitable in your first campaign.

1. It starts with understanding your customers

A successful and profitable email marketing program starts with understanding your customer data. When your email content is personalized and relevant to a subscriber’s desires, interests and value system, many great things can happen for your brand within a short period of time.

Know your data sources.

Understanding what your audience and customers want from your brand starts by understanding your customer data.  When your business offers a brick and mortar experience, while using cloud technology and digital channels to operate and communicate with customers, you have a wealth of data easily accessible to you. 
In-Store Data Sources Digital Data Sources
Cloud POS Website sign-ups
Guest WiFi and Location Analytics Online Ordering
Foot-Traffic Counter and In-Store Customer Journey Mapping eCommerce (subscriptions, merchandise)
In-Store Loyalty Rewards eCommerce Loyalty Rewards

"GoGoGuest customer engagement tools are the foundation of our full-funnel customer marketing strategy.

Ciara Robillard, Email Marketing Lead
Coffeebar Group

2. A robust customer preference center

Every email marketing service (ESP) provider offers a customer preference center. The sole purpose of a customer preference center is to provide your subscribers an opportunity to further personalize their interests when receiving content from your brand or business.

Overtime customer interests and their demographic data may change. As a brand, it is important to keep up with these changes. An easy way to do so is by setting up your customer preferences that offer the level of personalization and flexibility for your audience and customers to update their information.

Small businesses are leveraging email marketing tools to engage with customers and spend confidently on the email marketing campaigns as part of outreach strategy.

See what is possible.

Talk to sales.

3. Your email marketing super powers

Small businesses and eCommerce brands turned to email marketing to stay connected with their audience and  customers at the beginning of the pandemic. The shift is not slowing down. In fact, email marketing has proven to be an easy, accessible and profitable marketing tool

The inbox is not going to go anywhere. Email marketing is here to stay. So why not learn about its super powers and how to leverage them as part of your full-funnel and cross-channel marketing strategy?

Email marketing tools you must master

  • Smart segmentations
  • Content driven by customer preferences
  • Marketing automations or triggered emails
  • Personalization driven by data
  • User-friendly email template creation tools
  • Insights and analytics

In our Email Marketing Playbook Guide for hospitality and restaurant brands, see real examples on how brands are using connecting and engaging with their audience and customers.

GoGoGuest: Data-Rich Email marketing tools for hospitality brands

4. Smart segmentations

Now that you’re familiar with the different ways your brand and business can acquire and understand customer data, the next step is learning the power of smart segmentation tools.

With smart segmentation tools, you can visually get to know different customer groups from their interests, purchase behaviors, engagement behaviors and more. Remember, humans are multi-faceted individuals that change over-time, hence an individual can belong to 1-2 segments in your funnel. 

Highly profitable segmentations that marketers and business owners fail to use:

  • Localization data. Gives the brand an opportunity to identify your local customers. Local customers have easy access to your brick and mortar location. As a multi-location brand it is also helpful to know the customers who visit multiple locations or a specific location. There are many opportunities for personalization and growing loyalty.
  • Frequency of visit. Understanding the frequency of visit and average days or weeks between each visit is key to growing customer loyalty. Creating levers like special offers or a rewards program to increase the frequency of visit is key.
  • Average purchase. Knowing who your big spenders are and the common characteristics for this segment could help unearth new product opportunities for your brand. 
  • Most engaged to least engaged. Do you know who among your subscribers groups opens and clicks all your email messages? You should. In the same token, it is important to understand why a certain % of subscribers have never opened a campaign or an email marketing automation. 

5. Marketing automation or triggered email examples

The concept of creating content for a defined set of subscribers and their interests is not an easy concept to grasp. 

It is all driven by data, quietly being collected behind the scenes as each customer interacts and engages with your brand. From a simple purchase at the point of sale system to connecting on your guest WiFi.

Understanding your customers based on their action and behavior with your brand is what shapes successful marketing automations.

Uses of marketing automations or triggered email messages

  • Welcome series campaigns
  • Birthday series campaigns
  • Interest series campaigns
  • Win-back campaigns

6. Easy to use email campaign creation tools

Creating and sending email marketing automations and campaigns is easier than ever. Our drag and drop editing tools with built-in responsive design, previews across screens, A/B testing and spam testing make email marketing a breeze.

When you have an understanding of what your customers want and expect from your brand, it is easier to create content that elevates your customer experience. 

Designing your email marketing customer experience with visually engaging images, videos, gifs, emojis and more makes it fun and delightful! 

Ready to dive in? Download the guide to get a closer look at these email marketing tools:

  • Easy drag and drop editing tools to crop your images, select fonts, sizes and colors
  • Four different ways to create and design your email templates. Designed for the novice to expert email marketers.
  • Easy to follow workflows for A/B testing and spam testing
  • Best of all, choose a segment for each content area your email template. 
  • And there’s more! 

Next Steps

Don’t take our word for it. We encourage you to dive in and dig deeper. Have you read The Email Marketing Playbook? Produced by the GoGoGuest team, it offers actionable next steps and best practices on how to implement these actionable hospitality and restaurant email marketing tips.

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