Everything You Need To Know About WiFi Access Points


The need for reliable connectivity in your physical store or venue is a given. Do you settle for inexpensive WiFi Access Point that does the basic job of providing connectivity. Or  do you spend a few hundred Dollars to gain the flexibility, performance and control to manage other technologies that you need to run your business?

A Cloud Managed WiFi Access Point is essential to your business infrastructure and growth. Small Business Trends show that 55% of remote workers now telecommute full-time. The right WiFi Access Point is a great tool to grow your sales from WiFi customers, remote workers and telecommuters.

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How To Choose A WiFi Access Point

Every innovative brick and mortar run their business on hardware solutions with cloud technology. POS solutions (Square POS, Revel, Toast, Mobile Bites, etc.) or iPad devices that run apps like Caviar, Post Mates, Uber Eats, music and video streaming are the most common ones we’ve seen. A Cloud Managed WiFi Access Point is your best friend to ensure that your hardware solutions get the best of your internet bandwidth at all times.

Reasons to Invest In A Cloud Managed Access Point

  • Take full control of your Guest WiFi Policy from day 1
  • Automate the management of your guest WiFi availability during peak hours or after hours
  • Use a hassle free WiFi a marketing cloud software
  • Own your customer data

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5 Things You Should Know About WiFi Marketing

Now that you have an idea of how a  Cloud Managed WiFi Access Point can help run and grow your business , it’s time to learn about the benefits of WiFi Marketing. Here are some tried and tested tips.

  1.  Lead with your brand. Your brand should be 100% front and center at every step of your customer’s experience. To eliminate confusion for your guests, make sure your captive portals are 100% about your brand and story. A captive portal is like a landing page or a sign up page on your website. The captive portal is the page that guests see before they connect to your guest WiFi.
  2. Decide on a Guest WiFi Policy. Implementing a consistent Guest WiFi Policy with little or no friction is part of WiFi Marketing. Coffee shop owners worry about their Guest Policy the most when crafting their guest experience. A Guest WiFi Policy helps a business turn on and off connectivity during certain times of the day. It also provides a business owner the opportunity  to require a purchase or ask for customer information in exchange for a place to work and reliable, fast WiFi (and at times, FREE coffee).
  3. Share stories and experiences. We all love stories. Instead of an offer, be memorable. Share the origin story of your Golden Milk latte or that delicious Buddha Bowl. Tell them how your son helped picked ginger from his grandma’s farm. The same ginger now in the autumn spice flavored craft beer you made last week.  Give them a reason to linger in your message, share it then look forward to the next.
  4. Deeper customer data and insights. POS data, POS marketing data paints one side of a customer’s buying behavior. It is focused on a transaction. With technology, devices and iOT so prevalent these days, there is a whole data universe available for brands like yours focused on learning about customer patterns, preferences and conscious consumer marketing. Use these insights to elevate customer experience to attract high value customers.
  5. Command central for all customer communications – in-store or online. Running and managing any size hospitality, food service and retail business is not easy. There are so many moving parts. We searched for the answer to “how do I grow my business from day 1 and communicate with my customers in-store and online in a meaningful way?” without using 10 different solutions or relying on platforms that you can’t control. We could not find a great solution, this is why we created GoGoGuest.

How To Manage WiFi Hours

Providing reliable and fast Guest WiFi to remote workers and telecommuters is an essential part of starting a business these days. Stating your Guest WiFi Policy from day 1, is so much better for your customer experience and your business. Here are some of the common policies we’ve implemented:

  • High-end cafe and full service restaurant: 1 hour of Guest WiFi with a purchase. WiFi hours start at 7AM and end at 530PM. Doing so meant that the restaurant is able to turn their cafe tables into dinner reservations with average order values of $65 – 100/pp.
  • Coffee shops that turn into a lounge or bar at night: 1 hour of Guest WiFi. No purchase is required, guests are asked to submit their customer data. WiFi hours start at 7AM and end at 530PM to accommodate happy hour and alcohol sales.
  • Coffee shops with laundry service: 3 hours of Guest WiFi. Purchase is required, guests are asked to submit their customer data. WiFi hours start at 7AM and end at 530PM to accommodate happy hour and alcohol sales.

WiFi service and marketing is the fastest growing channel for new customer acquisition. Whether your goal is to grow your new customer list or increase the average order value per visit, choose a solution that is 100% focused on your brand, comes with a complete customer marketing engagement platform and data driven insights.

Everything You Need To Know About WiFi Marketing

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