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Do you offer FREE trials for the GoGoGuest multi-channel customer marketing with WiFi service solution?

Yes, we do. Start a 25-day FREE trial.

Is GoGoGuest available for multi-unit and franchise brands?

Yes. GoGoGuest is used by independent, multi-unit store venue and franchise brands. Our multi-channel customer marketing with WiFi service platform supports single and group deployments with local venue administration and brand administration access levels.

How do I get started?

Choose a plan. Once signed up, you will be asked to send in your brand assets, brand color palette, key messaging and for your captive portal and web and social lead generation pages.

What do I receive after signing up?

  • You will receive an account confirmation via email as the first step to our customer onboarding workflow. The email confirmation will list the steps you need to follow to complete your captive portal and web or social landing pages, access your GoGoGuest dashboard and a confirmation for your store’s go-live date!
  • Setting up your captive portal can take as fast as 3-days or a week per store venue depending on how quickly you respond and send the needed assets to create  your branded experience.
  • For deployments that require data integrations to support a complete eCRM strategy including POS data or eCommerce data our customer success team will share additional information as part of your on-boarding process.
  • If you do not have a GoGoGuest approved WiFi cloud managed access point like Meraki or Open Mesh, you will need to purchase one separately. Access points are not included in your monthly subscription to GoGoGuest.
  • For multi-unit or franchise accounts, account admin access is available for the brand and at the local store venue level.

How easy is it to use the GoGoGuest platform?

It is SUPER easy and does not require engineering or IT to get started. to active the captive in-store portals we simply set-up and administer your guest WiFi. To access, create and send email and SMS customer marketing campaigns, design templates, segmentation, automated customer journeys, customer data and key insights simply log-in to our web interface in any screen device.

Is there hardware required to use the GoGoGuest Platform?

For deployments that specifically use our captive portals with wifi service, you will need a cloud managed access point. We can use your existing Meraki MR-18 or 33 access points or Open Mesh access points, simply add GoGoGuest as a guest WiFi administrator. If your store location does not have a Meraki or Open Mesh access point, you may purchase the unit from any Meraki or Open Mesh appointed resellers or from our on-line store.

Is there a discount for multi-unit or franchise units?

We simplified our monthly subscription to one simple pricing per store venue and corporate brands. For franchise systems with multi-year deals, please call 415-326-4562.


Can we use our own Meraki, Open Mesh or Ubiquiti cloud managed access point?

Yes, you can. You simply need to provide GoGoGuest with access to your Guest WiFi dashboard to start using our multi-channel customer marketing platform.

Can we use the cloud managed access point to power our password protected employee and other payment SSIDs?

Yes. We can set up any additional password protected SSIDS per venue.

Are you able to set and manage time-based WiFi access for our guests?

Yes. We can set up your guest wifi access on a number of minutes, hours or days that a business prefers. We recommend a store venue to offer at least a complimentary 1-hour of connectivity prior to instituting any controls for their guests.

What is your return policy? If you purchased your access point from GoGoGuest, please take note our return policy

If you are dissatisfied with your cloud managed access point with Enterprise License purchase, simply submit your refund request within 20-days of purchase to We will send you an RMA request form. All returns must be in new condition, including all accessories and original packaging.

What is your end-of-life policy?

Our world-class cloud manage access point partners may find it necessary to discontinue products for a number of reasons, including product line enhancements, market demands, technology innovation, or the products simply mature over time and are replaced by functionally richer products. When a product reaches EOL, our partners are committed to communicating important issues throughout the EOL period. These notifications would include:

  • End-of-Sale Announcement: Date of official end-of-sales notice, typically six months prior to the last order date.
  • End-of-Sale (EOS) Date: The last date to order the product through our partner point-of-sale outlets. After this date, the product is no longer for sale via any channel.
  • End-of-Support (EOST) Date: The last date a product will be affirmatively supported by our partners, typically seven years following the EOS Date.


Can you sell hour or full-day WiFi passes?

Yes. We implement these requests in two ways including:

  1. For stores or venues with POS, we simply need your API access from your POS solution.
  2. For stores or venues without a POS, simply create an account on Stripe to facilitate processing your own payments from our captive portal.

Can we change the settings beyond an hour of guest WiFi access?

Yes. We can set multiple timed access levels for your guest WiFi.

Can we turn off guest WiFi access completely for specific days and times?

Yes. We can manage and set the days and times when guest WiFi is available for free or with a fee. Changes to your settings can be easily administered with one simple phone call or email to

Does GoGoGuest retain any of the payments for WiFi passes purchased from your captive portal?


Does GoGoGuest charge any extra payment processing fees for WiFi passes?

No. GoGoGuest only charges for our monthly subscription fees.


What is included in the GoGoGuest multi-channel marketing solution?

The GoGoGuest multi-channel customer marketing with WiFi service platform includes tools and controls for captive portals with guest WiFi, web landing pages and social promotions, segmentation, email and SMS marketing automation, customer journeys, events management, customer rating and feedback and customer rich data and key insights across your POS, eCommerce solutions and eCRM. GoGoGuest is the complete customer marketing solution for customer focused marketers.

How does the captive portal with WiFi service work?

As part or a store venue’s subscription, a captive portal with WiFi service is included. A captive portal is a form of welcome mat for your guests who visit the physical store and connect to the guest WiFi. This is the fastest channel to acquire highly qualified and engaged new customers for your business.

How do you capture email addresses, social logins, and build a customer list?

Each captive portal is integrated with your GoGoGuest account dashboard. Once an end-customer gives a store venue the permission to send relevant customer marketing updates, GoGoGuest customer data and key insights engine enriches that customer ID with behavioral and engagement information.

Are we able to access and download the customer lists we acquire?

Yes. Before doing so, we recommend that you take a closer look a the segmentation,  customer journeys and customer data & key insights engine. Downloading your lists means you are unable to enrich your customer lists with information to create highly-targeted campaigns.

Do you provide email templates?

Yes. All our plans have access to a rich option of templates to choose from. Marketers may also choose to upload their own designs.

What tools are available for multi-channel customer marketing campaigns?

All our software subscriptions include:

  • Captive portals with WiFi service
  • Web welcome mats
  • Social promotions
  • All core and PRO email marketing features
  • Data and customer insights analytics suite
  • Basic and advanced marketing automation
  • Unlimited inbox previews
  • Time zone sending
  • Unlimited spam testing
  • Send-time optimization
  • Advanced link tracking
  • Template management for teams
  • SMS campaigns (send fees apply)

What other customer marketing campaign tools and available integrations are available on GoGoGuest?

  • SMS campaign sending and tracking (additional sending and tracking fees may apply)
  • POS and eCommerce loyalty programs web hook or API integration (additional integration fees may apply)
  • POS and eCommerce web hook or API integration (additional integration fees may apply)
  • eCRM web hook or API integrations

Do you offer implementation and marketing services?

Yes, we do offer subscription based implementation and marketing services. Choose from these options. Don’t see what you need? Contact


What implementation and service support is included in my  monthly software subscription?

  • Set-up and design of your captive portal. Customer must provide logo assets, original photography and brand color palette
  • Set-up for your guest WiFi and employee WiFi
  • 24-hour service level agreement on customer support issues related to the GoGoGuest solution via email or customer support
  • Networking issues, guest WiFi bandwidth issues are not included in our customer support services. Please contact your networking provider or if access point management is through your POS provider, please contact them directly.

What services are NOT included in your monthly software subscription?

  • Data audit for complex implementations associated with an eCRM strategy or deployment
  • Organizing and cleaning prior lists that you would like to upload to the GoGoGuest platform. Auto de-duplication is built-in, we do not retain duplicate customer contact information
  • Assigning data affiliations and tags to customer IDs
  • Customizing campaign templates
  • Creating segmentation and automated customer journeys
  • Creating and sending campaigns
  •  Any original assets for your campaigns
  • Entering and adding event assets and information
  • POS and eCommerce integrations (we provide the web hooks)
  • eCRM integrations (we provide the web hooks) or we can send data back to you via your Zapier account
  • Loyalty program integrations with your POS or eCommerce

We offer monthly professional development and marketing services in 3, 5 and 10 hour subscriptions per month.  These services can be used as augmented resource for your one-person marketer or small marketing teams.

Ready to purchase implementation and marketing services, sign-up. Can’t find what you need? Contact

Can we use GoGoGuest for Pubs, cafes, food courts, food trucks and restaurant marketing?

Yes, you can! We’re happy to help. To learn more, please send a message to


Gogoguest is a cloud-based multi-customer marketing platform for any store or venue

The GoGoGuest customer marketing platform is currently deployed in 12 US markets and growing every week. The industries we serve include:

  • Restaurants
  • Coffee shops
  • Smoothie or juice bars
  • Gastro pubs
  • Quick service food and beverage establishments
  • Bars
  • Breweries
  • Distilleries
  • Theaters
  • Music venues
  • Hotels, hostels and bed and breakfasts
  • Pop-up retail and events
  • Multi-use retail venues

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What do you do with the information and data you collect?

  • We utilize industry standard security and authentication to protect customers and end-users personal/confidential information.
  • We strictly use single and double-opt in permissions to gather data and key insights that will help create a better experience for our customers and end-users..
  • Please review our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement periodically as it may be updated to reflect policy and organizational changes.

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