Design A Mobile Ready Storefront

The largest quick service food and beverage retailers are taking steps to attract Millennials and Gen Z, the always connected generations. Being mobile no longer translates to simply offering your products, subscriptions and perks on a mobile app. Your store experience must make room for workflows that make life easier for customers who want to order ahead or place in-seat orders when the lines at the POS are long. 

With GoGoGuest you can:

  • Auto-connect each customer to a fast, secure guest WiFi Hotspot

  • Offer time-based connectivity based on the number of items purchased

  • Let your customers place orders without ever getting up from their tables

  • Ease congestion lines during high peak hours

  • Offer product subscriptions 

  • Build your email lists and automate your email campaigns

  • Turn traffic outside your door into walk-in customers

  • Give your best customers a more convenient, personalized perks

Sell More With GoGoGuest

With GoGoGuest your in-store experience is fully integrated with your guest WiFi, in-store ordering, payments and email marketing. We help merchants make smarter marketing decisions based on real-time data and analytics. All these, we extend in our very own GoGoGuest mobile apps that users use to look for great places with fast, secure WiFi, carefully crafted menu and delightful ambiance. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 13.27.13.png

You can customize the exact features and product options that you want your store to offer by setting up your in-store commerce module within the GoGoGuest platform.

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