Benefits of In-Store eCommerce

GoGoGuest’s eCommerce give you the power to offer personal table service to each customer device. We help you ease congestion lines at your POS station, bar and reduce the number of wait service staff you require. Today’s customers are smart, sophisticated, and pressed for time - so they’re always impressed when you give them the ability to conveniently place an order from their device while in their seat, connect to secure WiFi Hotspot at the exact moment they want it, and can make them a relevant, convenient offer that helps improve their life.

GoGoGuest eCommerce makes it easy for full service, quick service and fast casual retailer with a single location or multi-locations - to collect actionable data insights about your customer experience, at the moment of your customer’s in-store purchase decision. Then we help you learn from the data to create relevant marketing offers and email campaigns to support stronger customer loyalty and bigger growth of your business.  


With GoGoGuest eCommerce, you get:

  • An easy to set-up beautiful, branded eCommerce splash page

  • Introduce new products, offer tastings or a simple short order menu right from your customer's connected device

  • Let customers place an order using their own WiFi connected mobile or laptop device from the convenience of their seats

  • Square merchants receive payments the moment a purchase is made

  • Non-Square merchants receive payments in 3-7 business days

  • GoGoGuest requires a 3% standard processing fee per purchase made on our platform 



How GoGoGuest eCommerce Works

GoGoGuest eCommerce works on two levels: we serve as a brand awareness ambassador for every customer who connects to WiFi Hotspot . We also provide personal table service convenience by giving customers the ability to place an order from their device then connect to a secure guest WiFi Hotspot. Each order is received and retrieved conveniently at your POS printer.


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