Benefits of Customer Insights And Personalization 

GoGoGuest’s insights and personalization is giving single and multi-location retailers the power to measure, predict and grow your business by learning more about your target audience, new customers who walk-in and loyal customers on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. 

How to grow your business using behavioral, location and browsing data. 

Understanding the real-time foot traffic outside your store and inside your store create opportunities for your brand and business to be 100% relevant at every touch-point. With GoGoGuest you can:

  • Understand storefront foot traffic 
  • Know how much time customers are spending inside your store
  • Identify the busiest in-store traffic areas for smarter merchandising  
  • Execute relevant marketing programs to reach, convert and engage
  • Measure real-time conversions and total customer value per visit
  • Create sophisticated rewards that your most loyal customers would appreciate 

How to make your most loyal customers feel special. 

We give you the ability to create deep personalization that your most loyal customers would appreciate. Imagine giving your guest services team the power to personally greet your most loyal customers by their first name when they walk-in, offer their favorite beverage or suggest a new one they may like based on his or her flavor palette?

GoGoGuest helps you provide more sophisticated customer engagement, rewards and loyalty programs that go beyond the usual “hello how is it going or buy 10 drinks, get 1 free!” Today’s customers are smart, sophisticated, and pressed for time - so they’re always impressed when you know what they want at the exact moment they want it, and can make them a relevant, convenient offer that helps improve their life.

Know What Customers Value

With GoGoGuest real-time insights and personalization we give your team a collective ability to increase the value of your brand, products and offerings to your customers. You won't need to rely on Yelp or social media for feedback, instead depend on real-time data from outside and inside your store.

The perception of customer value can be measured in the quality of your product, the timeliness in which it is delivered, attitude of your guest services team, cleanliness of the tasting room, bar area, dining area and bathrooms, location, ambiance and decor and deep personalization to name a few elements that influence why a potential customer is steps into your store or comes back sooner. 

When a retail business and guest services team shows that they care, customers will care, will want to come back and invite their friends. 

GoGoGuest makes it easy for local businesses, pop up stores and events to:

  • Get to know their customer profiles with real-time location, behavioral and browsing insights to improve guest experience

  • Make smarter decisions to improve customer value and perception 

  • Make smart decisions to grow your business 

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