Benefits of GoGoGuest Premium Guest WiFi and Analytics

GoGoGuest’s data and analytics give you the power to customize the guest experience for each customer. We help you provide more sophisticated customer rewards and loyalty programs that go beyond “buy 10 drinks, get 1 free!”  Today’s customers are smart, sophisticated, and pressed for time - so they’re always impressed when you know what they want at the exact moment they want it, and can make them a relevant, convenient offer that helps improve their life.

GoGoGuest Analytics makes it easy for coffee shops - single location or multi-locations - to collect actionable data insights about your customer experience, at the moment of your customer’s in-store purchase decision. Then we help you learn from the data to create relevant marketing offers and email campaigns to support stronger customer loyalty and bigger growth of your business.  


With GoGoGuest, you get:

  • An easy to digest visual representation of your data emailed to you daily.

  • Learn who your best customers are, what they like to buy, and how often they visit.

  • Gain top of mind through brand visibility via email campaigns and a location-aware mobile presence.


How GoGoGuest Analytics Works

GoGoGuest analytics works on two levels: we identify potential customers by detecting signals from mobile devices near your venue. We also identify mobile devices using the GoGoGuest coffee and tea shop finder app so we can alert these app users about your venue’s special offers, if any.


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