GoGoGuest Integration For Square POS


We created GoGoGuest so you never miss the opportunity to up-sell your best customers.

Today, we’re introducing GoGoGuest WiFi Service For Square POS, a powerful new service  to help you bring in more sales from your WiFi customers. With WiFi Service for Square POS, your customers have the freedom to connect to your guest WiFi and stay for as long as they want – with a purchase.

Learn More About GoGoGuest WiFi Service For Square POS.

Each time your customer makes a purchase. They gain a unique guest WiFi code.


Real-data shows from coffee shops across the country, that a transparent guest WiFi policy associated with a purchase can grow your business. In a GoGoGuest survey of 1,500 U.S. adults who work out of coffee shops, 85 percent of Americans said they would be more likely to consider a small or local business if they offered great guest WiFi service, a transparent WiFi policy and of course, an ambiance good for work and delicious coffee  1.

Using GoGoGuest WiFi Service For Square POS is easy — your customers simply walks up to your counter to make a purchase from the Square POS. You hand them a receipt or send it to their device for non-paperless businesses, then they join your Guest WiFi by entering the receipt # to connect.


Here are some of the benefits of GoGoGuest WiFi Service:

  • Transparent and clear WiFi policy. With a transparent guest WiFi policy, coffee shops are able elevate that guest experience and service their best customers. Other businesses using GoGoGuest WiFi Service have seen a positive effect on sales and increased average order values.
  • Increase average order value per visit. You keep all the revenue and benefit from the increased average order value per visit.
  • Opportunity to reach out and engage in any channel. GoGoGuest WiFi Service comes with a complete customer marketing platform – a simple and easy way to capture customer data and send highly targeted content and offers. This comes in handy when you’re selling coffee subscriptions, targeting your local and tourists customers and introducing new products are a few of the examples that come to mind.
  • Set-up is hassle free. GoGoGuest WiFi Service for Square POS works anywhere. 0 Integration. No additional fees beyond the flat monthly subscription. You keep all your revenue from WiFi customers.

“GoGoGuest WiFi Service works seamlessly with the Square POS so there is no impact to our customers, says Keith Wixson, owner of Blackwood Coffee Bar in West Hollywood, LA.” “With GoGoGuest, our customers get their internet access code from the Square receipt. GoGoGuest also allows us to set time limits on our internet access so we can custom tailor it to match our busier / slower hours. It’s definitely helped improve our guest experience and lifted our average order per visit by 40%.”

Sell more. Elevate your guest amenities with Square + GoGoGuest

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GoGoGuest for Square Marketing increases total purchase per visit