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Our smart multi-channel marketing platform and WiFi service can help you acquire new customers and forge long-lasting relationships.

While Beyonce was on stage, in what will go down as one of the best festival performances of all time, a different kind of magic was happening in the a hospitality tent sponsored by a global vodka brand a short distance away from the stage.

Capture customer data to gain precise audience intelligence. Plus it comes with WiFi service!

GoGoGuest was hired to provide a smart customer marketing experience at for the brand’s hospitality tent at Coachella. The installation came with a branded captive portal, customer journeys and customer data capture with WiFi service for the brand’s Open House event during the festival. GoGoGuest was selected by a partner agency for our unique ability to leverage key customer information into effective marketing campaigns for our clients. The global vodka brand used the festival to launch their new seasonal flavor, and over the course of the six day Coachella festival, we captured customer data that provides the brand with the opportunity to further engage with their target audience about their new product in a way they have never been able to achieve before.

For example, the brand now knows that the young crowd at Coachella is less active on social media, even on the sites best known for selfies and photos of food, than older Millennials, Gen-X and Baby Boomers. While having this information is important for a business owner, it is what the client does with that information that makes the GoGoGuest platform so essential. Being that the brand was launching a new product, having the ability to know how their customers use the internet provides a tremendous marketing edge going forward.

The magic of GoGoGuest is that we have created a simple to use platform that makes ongoing marketing strategies more effective because business owners and brand managers have to-the-minute knowledge of what their customers spend their money on, how they operate online, their opinions about their experiences with the business on online review sites, and more. With a richer customer profile, an up and coming or established brand can better glean key insights that they will use to shape their marketing campaigns across multiple channels: email, sms, social network ads, digital ads, and more. We combine prescriptive and predictive data and analytics to make key marketing decisions.

Knowing who your customers are and what they want matters a lot to the success of your business

Beyond the whirlwind of Coachella, GoGoGuest has clients across many different segments: coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants, bars, pop-up retail and more. The reason why our clients love us is because our platform gives them in-depth knowledge of their customers across their online and offline presence.

Our simple-to-use platform allows business owners to create hyper-personalized customer journeys across a wide-variety of communication channels. For example, if you have a customer that comes in everyday and orders the same thing, you can create a personalized loyalty program that rewards that customer with more of what they love, or you can encourage that customer to broaden their horizons and reward them when they order something different. With GoGoGuest, you will know when that same customer visits your online store regardless of local market, when they are celebrating a birthday, when your most loyal customers visit your business with their friends, and when your customers leave online reviews.

GoGoGuest is empowering local and global brands with the real information on their customers. We make it easier than ever before for business owners to forge long-lasting and meaningful relationships with their customers in order to increase their level of profitability.”

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Having key insights into your customers gives your business a powerful edge

The failure to connect with your existing customers can be disastrous to the health of your business. In an article published by Entrepreneur magazine, entitled, “How to Increase Customer Lifetime Value and Boost Profits,” the publication gets to the heart of one of the most common mistakes business owners make:

“It’s far less expensive for a business to retain customers than it is to acquire new ones, yet most companies continue to invest significantly more money into customer acquisition than retention,”  Entrepreneur magazine writes. “As a result, they do acquire new customers, but they lose a lot along the way.”

To ensure that your customers remain loyal to your business, Entrepreneur magazine recommends a strategy that focuses on communication, personalization and re-engagement. This aligns perfectly with the GoGoGuest offering, only we take it one step further: we provide you with the data that helps you create highly individualized marketing that targets your customers in the exact way they want to be reached.

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