Rapidly Acquire New Customers In-Store And Online

Grow Customers and Sales With WiFi Service

Generate new customers and grow sales by 10x faster when they connect to guest WiFi while in your store venue. With GoGoGuest businesses grow customers and sales with guest WiFi service.Turn customers into high-value super guests with elegant, branded and engaging captive portals.

  • Store venues simply plug in one simple cloud-managed access point to offer fast, secure and managed guest WiFi access.
  • Once a customer agrees to receive permission based and highly targeted campaigns, businesses can use GoGoGuest to communicate and re-engage using highly targeted and profitable multi-channel customer marketing campaigns.
  • Businesses can also acquire online leads from the web, an iPad app and social pages with GoGoGuest flexible landing pages.

GoGoGuest does not stop at acquiring new customers or increasing sales after their fist visit. With GoGoGuest customer data and key insights engine, the platform carefully identifies data affiliations, customer segments and journey recommendations making your customer marketing smarter and more profitable.

The result is a wildly engaged customer base and profitable in-store and online campaigns.

This is How We Accelerate Your Business Growth:

  • Offer fast, secure and managed guest WiFi
  • Grow your permission-based customer lists 10 faster
  • Increase campaign performance with segmentation and behavior-driven customer journeys
  • Get to know your customer segments using data affiliations
  • Know who among your most loyal customers are influencers
  • Reward customers based on frequency of visit, average and historical spend across in-store and online channels

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