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The year of 2020 and 2021, is likely to be one of the most challenging times for bars, taprooms and quick service retail, as many bar and taproom owners and operators cope with the restrictions and risks of COVID-19. Along with social distancing safety protocols and managing ventilation and air flow of indoor spaces, making the online ordering experience seamless without interrupting the flow of dine-in service, there are opportunities in this season of uncertainty. The pandemic has turned into an ideal moment to elevate digital and in-store experience with taproom email marketing. 

Along with expanding their online store, beer subscriptions (Bear Box) and an annual beer club membership, Bar  Society, South Lake Brewing company has remained relevant to its consumers and fans in Lake Tahoethe State of California and across the country by digitizing their ordering channels, social media and smart email marketing.

How South Lake Brewing Uses Smart Email Marketing For Customer Engagement

By first understanding the in-store presence of locals and thousands of guests who visit Lake Tahoe annually, South Lake Brewing Company remains a step ahead in any climate.

Lake Tahoe, California is the largest alpine lake in North America. The lake is a major tourist attraction to local and international travelers. The estimated year round resident is 40,000 while 20 Million visit Lake Tahoe each year. Total population can reach 300,000 at peak seasons.

South Lake Brewing’s HQ and taproom is located at the heart of Lake Tahoe. Located by the Y, it is the perfect location for a beer brunch, happy hours and a hang-out spot for friends after a day or ski, mountain bike, trail running or hiking. How do we know this? Our winter HQ is in Lake Tahoe!

GoGoGuest delivers in-store WiFi marketing for South Lake Brewing, as well as, cross-channel smart email marketing. This means that we’re able to personalize messaging and content by customer cohort and group.

Nicole Smith_Owner_South Lake Brewing Company
Nicole Smith, Owner, South Lake Brewing Company

The challenge:

  • The right mix of in-store and digital tools to accelerate customer acquisition and better understand customer groups and cohorts. 
  • Elevate the in-store customer experience by collecting personal data with permission, and easy integration with our digital stack: Squarespace and Bevv.
  • Implementing smart email marketing and customer engagement to grow customer loyalty.

“We love how we're able to seamlessly capture and organize customer groups by channel, then easily create and send smart email marketing campaigns."

Nicole Smith, Owner, South Lake Brewing Company, Lake Tahoe Tweet

How GoGoGuest helps:

Nicole Smith is one of the savviest independent business owners we know and support. She’s super data-driven and is able to succinctly translate the insights she sees from her data into opportunities. When she reached out ready to jump-in on our WiFi  Marketing solution with smart email marketing in February of 2019, we were elated! 

The solution:    

  • GoGoGuest integrates with South  Lake Brewing’s existing guest WiFi network infrastructure, which is the Unifi and Ubiquiti stack. This meant, all we  needed to go live with WiFi marketing is connect with their AP’s cloud controller. 
  • Implement a fully branded GoGoGuest WiFi marketing solution in South Lake Brewing’s storefronts.
  • Integrate with their website and eCommerce site through Squarespace so data funnels seamlessly ready and primed for personalized engagement.
  • Understand customers by group so South Lake Brewing can easily plan and program their local and national marketing initiatives.

"GoGoGuest smart email marketing is like Squarespace. Super easy to use and is 100% data-driven. I love the gallery of templates."

Nicole Smith, Owner, South Lake Brewing Company, Lake Tahoe Tweet

See what is possible.

Talk to sales.

The results:

South Lake Brewing Company is a GoGoGuest customer platform since early 2019. We’ve witnessed their subscriber base grow from less than 1,000 active subscribers to 10x more! 

Here are some of the notable accomplishments that sets South Lake Brewing apart from their peers and competition.

  • Over 10x growth in subscriber base since installation 
  • Personalization of messages and content means high performance of smart email campaigns which is used to share news and updates about new beer releases, community events, clubs and programs and beer subscriptions.
  • Locals and tourists 💖 the South Lake Brewing brand. We personally jumped for joy when we first saw their beers distributed at our local Wholefoods
  • The pandemic did not slow South Lake Brewing down. They re-calibrated for the climate and digitized major parts of their operation without losing sight of the craft beer experience at their taprooms. 

What is next: Here is where GoGoGuest comes in as a source for cross-channel customer engagement and loyalty program for your bar or taproom:

  • Capture, organize and understand all your customer data in one place regardless of source.
  • Elevate your in-store and online customer experience with personalized messaging and content.
  • Grow engagement by 100% and more! Then see your engagement performance convert into more loyal customers.
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Next Steps

Don’t take our word for it. We encourage you to dive in and dig deeper. Have you read The Email Marketing Guide? Produced by the GoGoGuest team, it offers actionable next steps and best practices on how to implement data-rich email marketing programs from creating awareness, customer engagement to growing customer loyalty that drive value.

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