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GoGoGuest is the best software platform for marketing any business that sells from a storefront, online or both. We drive revenue growth for brands large and small.

Products Overview

WiFi Marketing For Your Storefront

WiFi Marketing gives you a captive portal to learn more about your audience and customers. Offer unique codes with a POS integration.
Secure your Internet and learn from real-world insights.

WiFi marketing is all about optimizing your guest WiFi network with engaging and branded captive portals. With GoGoGuest, power up your guest WiFi with a beautiful branded captive portal, smart email marketing and analytics.

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Here’s why customers love our WiFi marketing:

  • Beautiful captive portals that showcase your brand
  • Create awareness about other parts of your business
  • Limit guest WiFi use (option: require a purchase)
  • Capture unique email addresses 40x faster
  • Transfer lists from and automatically remove duplicate email addresses
  • Offer rewards based on average spend, unique visits by location 
  • Access to powerful multi-channel marketing analytics 
  • Easy plug and play install and maintenance 

Send and Automate Personalized Content

Easy drag and drop email content creation. Select from beautiful email marketing templates.
Sell more with data-driven and personalized content

Your WiFi marketing account with comes with premium email marketing. Transfer subscribers from your POS, landing pages, newsletters, website and your online store without worrying about duplicates or sharing your contacts with other merchants or sellers.

Here’s why businesses and brands use our premium email marketing solution:

  • Own your subscriber lists 100%
  • Access to a gallery of beautiful and FREE design templates 
  • Powerful marketing automation and segmentation tools
  • A/B testing and spam testing
  • Robust campaign reporting and analytics
  • Easy integration with your website or online store
  • Transactional emails for your online store
  • Reliable customer success and support every step of the way!

Launch A Business Website To Sell Online 

A beautiful and easy-to-use website and online store is your first-step to selling more.

Need a new responsive website and online store? We’ll design, build and maintain one for your business. Beyond selecting templates and adding pretty images and your logo, here’s what you’ll gain with GoGoGuest:

  • Responsive and flexible site design that adapts to your business needs
  • User experience design that attracts and converts customers
  • Compelling brand storytelling 
  • Third-party integrations that elevate  user experience
  • Comes with marketing automation and segmentation workflows
  • Powerful multi-channel marketing analytics 
  • All the tools you need to start, run and grow your business online

Discover Growth Opportunities With Marketing Analytics 

Which channels and products are bringing the most revenue for your business? Data driven growth marketing comes with a powerful marketing analytics tool.
Make data-driven business decisions with Guest Intelligence.

Guest Intelligence is our powerful marketing analytics solutions that gives a business or brand the power to bring all your customer data in one place.

Our powerful analytics engine listens, analyzes and highlights unique opportunities and insights by channel, location, product, campaign experiments, customer segment and more! 

Create and send custom rewards that is driven by average purchase per visit, frequency by location, across multiple-locations and your online store! 

Selling from a physical storefront, online store or both? We got you covered.

Over 200 businesses and brands rely on GoGoGuest to grow their revenue.