How GoGoGuest Helps Create A Unified Customer Experience

GoGoGuest helps you create a unified customer experience, learning from customer data and building upon every customer interaction to become more precise and relevant with what you offer to customers over time. With GoGoGuest, brands gain a complete view of your customer’s behavior and engagement.

We do this by capturing and managing all your customer data in one place. With Artificial Intelligence and logic, we can analyze your data more quickly to find the game-changing insights that help you focus on the right customers with the right offers at the right time.

What Is A Unified Customer Experience, Anyway?

A unified customer experience helps your business learn from (and connect to) customers based on customers’ behavior and preferences across all of your sales channels: in-store, online ordering, mobile shopping, and mor

Based on each type of customer’s previous pattern of engagement behavior, brands can reach out to customers with specific, relevant, personalized and timely messages. We can help you identify and separate the high-value customers and target them for even more high-impact offers and transactional content. 

Targeted up-selling and cross-selling across channels

For example, if you have regular customers visiting your restaurant for in-store purchases, we can help you create upsell offers for additional menu items that they might like, or special offers to order online. All of this is managed automatically within the GoGoGuest platform, giving you full visibility of metrics and results. 

The goal: increase the frequency of customer visits and the size of average orders. Sell more to your best customers by providing them with a better, easier, more relevant experience. 

Customers don’t want an insignificant discount or another punch card to get lost in their wallets. They want retailers who really “get” them, who understand what they want, and who can help introduce them (in a relevant, personalized, non-intrusive way) to great new products and experiences.

“Instead of a simple discount or punch card, show your customers that you understand their needs, are ready to anticipate their interests, and can recommend exciting new experiences.”

Will Newman, Owner and Restaurateur
Edley's Bar-B-Que Restaurant Group

Real Life Example: Unified customer experiences for restaurants

Want to see how GoGoGuest can help your restaurant create unified customer experiences? 

Here is a real-life example based on anonymized data from a real GoGoGuest client. All of the customer data and types of customer profiling in this example is based on real capabilities that GoGoGuest can set up for your business, based on actual POS systems and third-party apps that can connect to GoGoGuest for data collection and analysis.

Customer Profile: Marina, a single mom who works as a senior designer at an advertising agency in Nashville, TN, is a high-value customer at Edley’s Bar-B-Que. In the past 2 weeks, she has spent over $500 in food and beverage orders. As a busy single working mom of teenage twins, Edley’s BBQ saves her time and makes her life manageable to get dinner on the table for her children. 

Collecting Customer Data: With GoGoGuest, Edley’s is able to capture data from their Toast POS, knowing when Marina is making a purchase, what she’s buying, and how much she’s spending per order. GoGoGuest helps Edley’s track the cumulative totals of how much Marina spends, seeing the value of repeat business and customer loyalty. When restaurants can identify their high-value customers, they can find opportunities to take that customer relationship even deeper to add more value for the customer and the business. 

Next Best Action – Contacting the Customer With Relevant Offers: How should a restaurant like Edley’s maximize the loyalty of a customer like Marina? By contacting her with targeted, personalized offers that add value, and by doing this with optimized trigged customer journeys. GoGoGuest helps restaurants make the right offer at the right time, in a way that helps the customer get more value out of the restaurant. 

With GoGoGuest, Marina’s customer profile is automatically updated to reflect her most recent purchase – across any store or online. The next message Marina receives could mention something about her previous orders and a recommendation of something new to try!

Each time Marina makes a purchase, Edley’s says hello at first by introducing the brand or casually offering Marina about options to eat more beef, based on her previous purchase of beef menu items. One message is about introducing the new Edley’s family meal she can order weeks in advance. 

GoGoGuest can help restaurants combine their marketing outreach across multiple channels. Use online sales to drive more in-store foot traffic, and use in-store purchases to encourage more online orders. 

For example, when Marina completes her next $100 online order, she receives a reward for a free hot sauce to pick up at Edley’s nearby location. The next day when Marina stops by the restaurant after work to pick up her free hot sauce, she receives a text message offering her a special offer on an order of tacos and a happy hour margarita. While eating her food in-store, she receives a special offer via email for a “happy hour pass” that comes with a $5 coupon if she purchases 4 family meals in a month.

At this point, Marina’s total LTV in 3 weeks has gone from $500 to $800.

“Every time a customer walks into your store, orders from you online, or shares data about their preferences via a POS, is an opportunity to nudge them in the direction of higher-value sales.”

Mark Harvey, Creative Manager
Edley's Bar-B-Que Restaurant Group

See what is possible.

Talk to sales.

Grow Customer Loyalty: Know what they love, to influence behavior

Traditional retail loyalty programs were about encouraging customers to keep repeating the same behavior: buy 10 lunches, get 1 free; buy 5 coffees, get $1 off. This kind of loyalty program is too simplistic and does not necessarily drive incremental revenue overtime. With GoGoGuest’s platform, there are better possibilities available now that can help restaurants, coffee shops and other retailers add MORE value for customers while making MORE money for the business. 

This sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s true: loyalty is about repeat business, increasing frequency and total purchase, but it should not be about “repeating behavior.” 

The winning recipe for customer loyalty programs today is to encourage your repeat customers to CHANGE their behavior. It’s about driving incremental behaviors at every given touch point. Every time a customer walks into your store, every time they order from you online, every time they share data about their preferences via a POS or third-party app, this is an opportunity to nudge them in the direction of higher-value sales and a deeper long-term relationship with your business.

API Centric customer loyalty programs that add value

It starts with understanding data to personalize your brand's engagement, customer by customer

In the old days, loyalty programs were about encouraging a customer to keep repeating the same purchase behavior over and over again. “Keep buying the same thing every time!” But this is a missed opportunity for your business. Instead of offering a discount on the same type of purchase, look for opportunities to add MORE value for your customers by introducing them to new experiences in a seamless, helpful, personalized and relevant way. 

Loyalty programs driven by personalization, that are based on customer data insights, that help guide a customer’s behavior aligned to a sales event, are proven to drive increase in a customer’s lifetime value. With GoGoGuest, you’re not just offering the customer a small discount. You are providing a comprehensive experience that helps unlock bigger value, that makes the customer want to have a bigger relationship with the business. 

GoGoGuest creates unified customer experiences in a way that adds value for customers and for retailers, restaurants and coffee shops. Our goal: make sure everything is in one place with a comprehensive, simple, adaptable platform, and all of your customer data in one place, too. GoGoGuest clients are amazed to see how much they can learn about their customers, in a way that immediately drives business results, just based on the customer data that they already have.

Your customers want to keep buying from you. But they want to know that you care about them, that you understand them, that you’re anticipating their unique needs in a personalized way. Just like restaurant customers often enjoy “suggestive selling” when a waiter will recommend a certain menu item, special of the day, or bottle of wine, GoGoGuest can help your business make more accurate and relevant offers in a way that helps your customers feel appreciated, and that inspires long-term customer loyalty.  

Next Steps

Are you ready to learn more about how GoGoGuest can create unified customer experiences to drive customer engagement and grow loyalty for your restaurant, quick service retail brand, coffee shop or retail business? Request a call back today.

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