Get More Out Of Email Marketing

Sell more with email marketing. Whether you’re opening a restaurant, a specialty coffee shop a craft brewery or taproom, a hospitality brand or a retail brand, email marketing is an essential part of your growth marketing quiver.

In fact, email generates $38 for every $1 spent, which is an astounding 3,800% ROI, making it one of the most effective marketing channels for any type of business.

How To Sell More With Email Marketing

This guide will cover email marketing tips including how to keep your subscriber list active and engaged, the importance of smart segmentations, designing customer journeys and automations and how to choose the best email templates for your brand.

One of the main concerns that we often hear from marketers and business owners when it comes to email marketing is list growth and performance. A highly engaged subscriber list translates into 40x more sales compared to Facebook. There is more to it than bombarding your list with your sales pitch. Let us show you how.

1. A high-ROI list, grows by offering something of value

The key principle is all about building awareness and desire for your target customer profile to willingly provide your business with personal information like an email address or zip code. 

The common email sign-up allure tactics are a newsletter sign-up discount code on a (this is popular among DTC brands), a raffle to a concert (like Coachella) is a move big brands and there is guest WiFi (common among food service businesses).

Let’s not forget that Cloud POS systems are collecting email addresses or phone numbers by offering consumers with digital receipts and loyalty sign-ups. 

Depending on the cloud POS system, subscribers can be shared across multiple stores within your market. For example, if a merchant two blocks from your location, happens to use the same Cloud POS, chances are that merchant is sending offers to subscribers who are also on your list. 

We love our POS partners, though we’re not a big fan of POS email marketing. We touched more on that topic in “Is POS eMail Marketing Effective?”

Taking full control of your customer experience starts with growing and fully owning your subscriber list across every customer touch point  – your website, reservations system, booking system, POS, WiFi, eCommerce and Third-Party applications (delivery apps, social media). 

"GoGoGuest WiFi plus email marketing is smart, easy and beautiful as Squarespace.

Nicole Smith, Owner
South Lake Brewing Company

2. Conveniently access ALL your subscribers in one place

Capturing email addresses from different customer touch points is not fun! Downloading, organizing and tagging lists before uploading it your ESP (Email Service Provider) is so time consuming! 

  • Choose an ESP that gives you the flexibility to connect and seamlessly integrate all your customer touch points to your subscriber list.
  • Ask about automatic de-duplication of email addresses. This means you won’t have the same email address entered twice.
  • A flexible list tagging system to make it simpler to identify where each subscriber is coming from.
  • An automated subscriber sign-up reporting system so you know how many new subscribers are signing up daily! 
The foundation of a high-performing list is all about understanding the source and motivation of the individual at the point of opt-in. Conveniently funneling all your opt-ins into one place is key to slowing down the process of database decay. 

Email marketing is still 40 times more effective at reaching your target consumer, compared to Twitter or Facebook.

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3. The magic of smart segmentations

So you have all your subscribers in one place. Now what?

Smart segmentations is a powerful tool that you should know how to use well. Smart segmentations are key to understanding the different customer personas or customer groups in your giant list of subscribers. Here is an example:

  • An authentic Japanese taproom in LA focused on growing a community of customers who are passionate about Japan’s culture, specifically craft beer, sake, schochu and Izakaya cuisine. 
  • Subscribers are tagged based on the “list source.” 
  • Subscribers are easily able to update their customer preferences and profile.

With smart segmentations, you are able to identify the subscriber’s opt-in point and more! Is it someone who is just getting to know your brand? Or is it someone who is already a customer?

In the case of the taproom, the owner and marketer are able to identify guests who love craft beer only or those who love both craft beer and sake. Smart segmentation play a big role in helping you personalize your message, customer by customer.

Customer journeys triggered by key customer attributes and their latest behavior from in-store and online touchpoints

4. The power of customer journeys and marketing automation

Now that you know more about the different customer groups in your subscriber list, it is time to design your customer journeys.

What the heck is a customer journey, anyway?

  • A customer journey is all about envisioning the experience you’d like each subscriber to feel at every interaction.
  • Then assigning key attributes and rules so you can personalize each message in the customer’s journey.
  • It is a great visualization and delivery tool for marketers to carefully craft a story about your brand.
  • Moreover powerful customer journeys are sent when a subscriber hits a specific milestone like signing up for your rewards program or purchasing their first platter of nachos! 

Designing data-rich customer journeys and marketing automations make a big difference in your subscriber list performance and engagement. 

Customer journeys and automations are an easy way to win customers back, increase the frequency of visit and purchase! 

5. Send the best email campaign ever with A/B testing

There is always something new to learn with every email campaign. The A/B testing tool is built-in to every GoGoGuest account. 

A/B testing automatically selects the message and visual creative preferred by your subscribers. Marketers and business owners can test their campaign by:

  • Testing the subject line. One could be a focus on a subscriber’s interest, while the other could be more about the weather.
  • With A/B testing you’ll learn that certain subscribers prefer to receive  and engage with specific sender email address
  • A deep dive A/B test digs into the content. With certain content areas visible specific customer groups. It could provide an answer to “does my list care about personalization? 😀

6. Get your email message noticed in high traffic inboxes

The best email templates showcase your brand and your story. So how should you pick your brand’s email template?

  • Pick a template from our gallery of email templates that makes your brand pop!
  • Responsive email templates with easy drag and drop editor tools are an email marketer’s best friend
  • Add Gifs, videos and eye catching images 
  • Don’t forget to add your CTAs (Call To Action)
  • Use the SPAM testing tools to ensure inbox deliverability
Use short and catchy subject lines that offers a sneak peak to your reader, enough to entice them to open, read,  click and share your email campaign.

Next Steps

Don’t take our word for it. We encourage you to dive in and dig deeper. Have you read The Email Marketing Playbook? Produced by the GoGoGuest team, it offers actionable next steps and best practices on how to implement email marketing programs that are personalized and deliver high-ROI.

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