Measure Pop Up Success With Data And Insights

Today’s customers value experiences as much as (if not more than) things. Therefore, they’re buying based on how you make them feel, not just on what you have to offer. This experience-over-things mentality has contributed to the rise of the pop-up, specifically the pop-up’s popularity with brands, event marketers and experience creators.

For brands that are investing in pop-up stores, it’s important to know and measure the pop-up shop’s success. With digital resources that capture in-store customer engagement and footprint, brands, agencies and event marketers are able to effectively measure the success of pop-up stores and experiences.

Lessons Learned From DTC Brands And Their Pop Up Shop Success

For DTC brands data and insights is key to knowing where to sell, what to sell and when to sell to their audience and customers

Last June 2019, Dogville hosted a ‘pup-up’ experience; a unique, interactive play space for dogs and dog-lovers in New York’s buzzy SoHo neighborhood. With an indoor dog park, a ‘destroyable’ living room, a food bar for pups and a puppy spa, Dogville created an experience only for dogs, as the agency who created the concept saw a “sharp increase in spending on our furry best friends”  within the last year.

This Is Dogville_ Pop Up WiFi With GoGoGuest
This Is Dogville "pup up" experience for your furry best friend.

Keep track of foot traffic engagement by day and time of day

The ultimate measure of pop-up success is foot traffic conversion to the venue or physical retail experience space. Brands drive traffic to their pop-ups organically through content, influencer marketers and by buying ads and re-targeting from different channels including Instagram, Facebook and Google.

With GoGoGuest, brands can measure ad and social media conversion at the physical retail level through:

  •  Conversion using guest WiFi amenities combined with foot traffic counting and other merchandising sensor technologies
  • Understanding frequency of visit and dwell time
  • Real-time customer journey insights within the pop up space
  • QR code web sign ups for raffles in-store 

“With GoGoGuest, we were able to determine that our guests spent an average of 45 minutes per visit. That’s an amazing understanding of our audience’s behavior, for our first This is Dogville pop up experience and our sponsors."

George Nguyen, Founder, This Is Dogville Tweet

Access to first-party data

By digitizing the pop up experience, This Is Dogville was able to capture first-party data which funneled directly to a customer relationship management data base. This proved to be valuable to the organizers and sponsors. 

Here are the key benefits:

  • Access to first-party data made it possible for This Is Dogville to glean demographic and geo-location insights for audience re-targeting.
  • Personal preferences and customer surveys enabled in-depth customer journeys across brands and sponsors.
  • In-store customer journeys and merchandising dwell time was useful in terms of floor plan and merchandising design for future pop ups.

"We’ve had phenomenal response. People love the overall experience, how it looks and how they are able to have fun moments with their dog."

Matana LePlae, Creative Director, A Dozen Cookies Tweet

See what is possible.

Talk to sales.

Send smart email campaigns

Each digital touch point like Guest WiFi, QR Codes and iPad devices for survey entries offered opportunities for This Is Dogville to create and send smart automations or triggered email messages. 

Since the pop up ran for 30-days there was plenty of opportunity to re-target triggered emails based on demographic and behavior. This Is Dogville saw 18% repeat visitor conversion from a combination of smart email campaigns and social media ads.

What is next: Here is where GoGoGuest comes in as a source for your pop up’s digital touch-points:

  • Pop up WiFi marketing is easy to install and painless. It provides an essential infrastructure needed by pop up experiences, in addition to the benefit of capturing first-party data with permission.
  • Capture and learn insights from in-store journeys, dwell time and repeat visits to help with future site selection, merchandising and pop up promotions programming.
  • Create a seamless in-store and online shopping experience for your pop up. 
Dogville Pop Up Experience_New York City
This Is Dogville "pup up" experience for your furry best friend.

Next Steps

Don’t take our word for it. We encourage you to dive in and dig deeper. Have you read The Customer Engagement Playbook? Produced by the GoGoGuest team, it offers actionable next steps and best practices on how to implement these actionable full cycle marketing tips from creating awareness, customer engagement to growing customer loyalty that drive value.

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