Connect with the Influential in Your Community

Not All Customers Are The Same

Every business owner recognizes that not all customers are the same. Some customers choose to come in on their own, put their headphones on, and do their own thing. Others bring their friends, their families, and encourage everyone to have a good time. These are ambassadors for your brand, who love your business so much that they choose to invite their loved ones to your business.

It’s essential for you to engage with these influential customers, and reward their repeat business. GoGoGuest is designed to help you determine which customers are influencers, and how to market to them as individuals.

This is How We Supercharge Your Business:

  • You receive customer emails and phone numbers with a permission-based opt-in from our wifi service, without the use of an app
  • You are given customer analytics to determine which customers are influencers based on easy-to-understand metrics
  • We help develop an individual loyalty plan to incentivize repeat business, referrals, good reviews and more
  • We help you manage the ongoing relationship between your customers to ensure that they remain engaged with your business

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