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Offer a simple loyalty program based on visits and spend

Our marketing platform comes with a simple built-in loyalty program that is based on visits. If you have an existing loyalty program that is associated with what a customer spends in your physical store and eCommerce site, GoGoGuest is able to ingest that information so all your customer data and insights are in one place.

While a lot of brands offer loyalty programs with varying degrees of success, GoGoGuest stands out for our unique ability to leverage our wifi service into a data-driven marketing strategy for your business.

This is How We Drive Repeat Visits:

  • Customers provide you with their contact information through a permission-based opt-in via our wifi service
  • Business marketing teams are able to easily create, send and manage loyalty campaigns in an easy to use marketing platform
  • You get to determine what the incentives are and how customers are rewarded for each visit
  • We have tools to help you measure how effective your loyalty-program is in winning sales

Start seeing the difference

Incentivize Repeat Business and Build Customer Loyalty

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