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Market basket analysis for restaurants

GoGoGuest Market Basket Analysis unlocks buyer behavior patterns that is focused on menu items or products, available across your sales channels.

What Is Market Basket Analysis?


Know Your Popular Menu Combinations

Your most popular menu combinations may not be your high-profit food offerings, so how do you persuade and motivate guests to try your restaurant's crown jewels?

An Opportunity To Try New Offers

Market basket analysis is useful for knowing which products would be popular when upselling and cross-selling menu items.

Connect The Dots To Drive Sales

Understanding who is purchasing certain menu item combinations, when and where (which sales channel) makes it easier for your restaurant marketing team to plan and program campaigns that convert!

Find Trends In What People Are Buying

Market Basket Analysis removes the guesswork from menu engineering and marketing.

Most popular product bundles

Knowing your most popular product combinations purchased sets the stage for efficiency and new revenue  opportunities.  Remove the guesswork for new product bundles, accurate pricing strategy, value-driven menu design and more!


Are you a new or growing restaurant concept in search for a design partner to turn ideas around the use of data into actionable key customer insights? We can help.

Up-sell and cross-sell

Suggest and recommend products driven by purchase history, interests and key customer attributes.

  • Improve menu programming with items and combinations that attract your customers and improves their enjoyment experience
  • Implement better food inventory across all ordering channels. Understand what is popular, what you need to have in stock and when to have it. Reduce food wastage and associated costs.
  • Refine your menu design. Create a more appealing menu that drives revenue by positioning popular items together or promoting combinations to increase sales.

Menus That Sell

Menu marketing and engineering that delivers ROI

Design data-driven menu programs and merchandising based on your top selling product combinations. GoGoGuest makes this super easy and seamless for your teams.

  • Make strategic menu choices and take smart decisions about what to offer, which products to group, and the menu items that drive profitability and customer satisfaction
  • Understand the products that are draining revenue and resources and decide if they should be dropped from the menu
  • Plan more effective marketing and promotions centered around the products and offers that will motivate customers to get in-store or make online purchases 
  • Identify what clients want and market more effectively and increase cross-selling and upselling opportunities

Resources To Support You Along The Way


The trend of coffee shops telling people to talk to each other in lieu of using social media or checking email no longer makes sense, because what people talk about involves actively looking up things online together. Not only do customers want WiFi, but having free guest WiFi will give your business a multitude of new ways to create and maintain customer relationships so you can stand above the competition.

What Is Market Basket Analysis?

Market Basket Analysis (MBA), also known as affinity analysis, is a data mining technique. You can use MBA to uncover meaningful correlations across products and customer purchase patterns. At GoGoGuest, Market Basket Analysis is a module that is part of our Analytics and AI platform. It helps brands predict customer behavior and find purchasing patterns.

How To Use A Captive Portal To Market Your Business

A captive WiFi portal is the web page or microsite you are automatically directed to when you sign on to a free WiFi network. As a consumer, you’ll see them in lots of different situations: when you log onto WiFi at your local coffee shop or waiting for a flight at the airport, for example. You usually need to give the business that provides WiFi an email address or zip code to be able to connect to the network

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