Predict purchase behavior

GoGoGuest Market Basket Analysis unlocks purchase behavior patterns across your ordering channels, in-store and online. Gain answers to your most pressing revenue and cost related questions.

What Is Market Basket Analysis?


Understand Customer Purchase Behaviors

Gain multiple perspectives of your customer groups based on purchase data across locations and channels.

Design Menus Your Customers Love

With a clear view of customer behavior at the basket level, hospitality brands and businesses are able to design menu offerings and combinations that will sure sell out.

Deliver Delight And Value

Eliminate the guesswork. Market basket analysis powers smart product recommendations and product bundles, customer by customer.

Grow Customer Loyalty

Personalized and consistent engagement translates to an increase in frequency of purchase and total spend.

Most popular product bundles

Knowing your most popular product combinations purchased sets the stage for efficiency and new revenue  opportunities.  Remove the guesswork for new product bundles, accurate pricing strategy, value-driven menu design and more!

Up-sell and cross-sell

Suggest and recommend products driven by purchase history, interests and key customer attributes.

Complete customer portrait

Design data-driven menu programs and merchandising based on your top selling product combinations. GoGoGuest makes this super easy and seamless for your teams.

Predict Customer Behavior

Learn what combination of menu items or retail products that customers love about your brand. Optimize your supply chain, marketing and elevate customer experience.


Learn how a built-in basket analysis feature tells you what customers love about your brand or not.

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