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No Fee Online Reservations For Restaurants

The year of 2020 and 2021 is likely to be one of the most challenging times for restaurateurs of all sizes. As the quick service retail and full-service restaurant industry cope with the restrictions and risks of COVID-19. 

Along with adjusting the food service and dining experience or expanding services for online ordering (pick-up, eat-in or delivery), digital tools helped restaurants remain relevant in the face of uncertainty. 

The pandemic has presented itself as an ideal moment for restaurateurs and restaurant franchisees to enhance their in-store and digital strategies for customer engagement and loyalty.

Cafe Fiore remains relevant to its loyal fans and new customers who enjoy celebrating special occasions and date nights in Lake Tahoe. Learn how this 15 table fine dining restaurant simplified online reservations without fees and elevated their online presence with restaurant digital marketing.

Cafe Fiore Elevates Digital Marketing And Online Reservations

By investing in their online presence and making it super easy for guests to reserve online, Cafe Fiore's marriage of digital experiences and personal touch brings delight to loyal fans in any season.

Lake Tahoe, California is the largest alpine lake in North America. The lake is a major tourist attraction to local and international travelers. The estimated year round resident is 40,000 while 20 Million visit Lake Tahoe each year. Total population can reach 300,000 at peak seasons.

Cafe Fiore is nestled between the great blue lake and Heavenly Ski Resort. It is the perfect destination for lovers, date nights, families celebrating a milestone occasion or just for fun among friends. For over 25 years, Cafe Fiore has relied 100% on the phone and the personal care that it offers each guest who comes through their doors. In early 2019, Nick Ashmore, restaurateur and owner of Cafe Fiore had the foresight to invest in the brand’s digital strategy. 

GoGoGuest delivers a unique online reservation experience for Cafe Fiore’s guests. An experience that is easy and fluid for guests with lots of room for Nick’s focus on real-world customer engagement. GoGoGuest has processed over 3,800 reservations requests since launch.

Cafe Fiore_South Lake Tahoe
Cafe Fiore, South Lake Tahoe, photo credit: Lauren Lindley

The challenge:

  • Implementing an easy online reservations stack without changing the staff’s 25 year workflow. Cafe Fiore’s size and it’s fine dining experience sets it apart from any other fine dining establishments. 
  • With limited table seatings, Cafe Fiore needs to be able to easily manage guest reservations and availability behind the scenes. 
  • Establishing a digital presence and foundation that takes advantage of high customer reviews and ratings, Cafe Fiore’s website optimization is 100% organic. 
  • Personalized smart email marketing for reservation request confirmation and other offers like gift certificates.

"We wanted to thrive and adapt to technology without changing the fundamentals of what makes Cafe Fiore a unique fine dining experience. We lean on GoGoGuest 100% for our restaurant marketing and digital strategy."

Nick Ashmore, Cafe Fiore, South Lake Tahoe Tweet

How GoGoGuest helps:

Cafe Fiore is a GoGoGuest customer platform since 2019. We’ve seen the brand’s online organic reach grow to over 12,000 page views per month and over 8,000 page visits per month to processing over 4,000 online reservations in a year.

The solution:    

  • GoGoGuest provided a digital web strategy and customer engagement stack that is flexible and scale to Cafe Fiore’s online reservations needs.
  • Set the right foundation for Cafe Fiore’s new online web presence to optimize Google’s search algorithm.
  • Leverage high performing customer reviews and ratings across Google Maps, Facebook, Trip Advisor and Instagram.

"We're not paying for any POS processing or online reservation fees. GoGoGuest delivers a digital infrastructure and stack that makes it easy for "old school" brands like Cafe Fiore adapt to new technology."

Nick Ashmore, Cafe Fiore, South Lake Tahoe Tweet

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The results:

Cafe Fiore is a GoGoGuest customer platform since 2019. We’ve witnessed their online channel grow from 2 online reservations a month to hundreds! We’ve had to intentionally block-off dates due to an overflow of requests during the peak seasons.

Here are some of the notable accomplishments that sets Cafe Fiore apart from their peers and competition.

  • Since launching the new Cafe Fiore website, average visitors per month are at 9,000 page visits and up to 15,000 page visits during peak season.
  • To date, Over 4,000 reservation requests have been made on Cafe Fiore using the  GoGoGuest customer engagement platform, Squarespace and Acuity Scheduling. There are no processing fees for reservations. 
  • Smart email marketing that sends and automates personalized messages, customer by customer. 

What is next: Here is where GoGoGuest comes in as a platform for cross-channel customer engagement to grow customer loyalty.

  • Simple and easy installation without disrupting your front-of-the-house workflow.
  • Easily adapts to your business operations unique needs and requirements.
  • Deep personalization and customer insights to level up your team’s hospitality IQ.
Cafe Fiore, South Lake Tahoe photo credit: Lauren Lindley

Next Steps

Don’t take our word for it. We encourage you to dive in and dig deeper. Have you read The Customer Engagement Playbook? Produced by the GoGoGuest team, it offers actionable next steps and best practices on how to implement these actionable full cycle marketing tips from creating awareness, customer engagement to growing customer loyalty that drive value.

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