Delightful Restaurant Loyalty Program Ideas

Growing customer loyalty is the cornerstone for success of any restaurant and fast-casual brand and business.  Customer acquisition requires so much more than an Instagram post, TikTok or an ad for a brand to convert subscriber or viewer into a customer. 

In recent years, ads have become 91% more intrusive, which means consumers are conditioned to filter content from brands. Consumers are leaning to brands that offer personalization and better customer experience to win their share of wallet and loyalty.

How do you personalize your brand’s customer engagement and grow a loyal base of customers across ordering channels, when data exchange is not seamless from one channel to another?

Easy To Implement Delightful Restaurant Loyalty Program Ideas

The GoGoGuest API centric loyalty engine brings all your data sources from in-store and online systems. This means customers can earn rewards and milestones across all your ordering channels.

What is an API Centric engagement and loyalty engine, anyway?

Application Programming Interface (API) is an approach that makes it more flexible and easier for platforms like POS systems, online ordering, eCommerce and other third-party applications to exchange data with a customer engagement and loyalty platform like GoGoGuest.

This means, that seamless exchange of information about customer’s engagement activity, preferences and interests, purchase history and more are updated in real-time regardless of ordering channel (in-store, online, eCommerce or third-party) or engagement channel (email, SMS or web).

An API Centric engagement and loyalty engine elevates the level of transparency and personalization across your business organization and functions. Making it easier for teams to create personalized customer experiences that surprise and delight. Meanwhile, the customer experience can be 100% controlled by your brand across your POS, website, apps, email marketing and sms marketing.

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all

This quote from Restaurant Boss, Michael LeBoeuf says it all.

Is it possible to achieve 100% customer satisfaction? Yes, with measurable data, insights and predictive analytics as a back-bone to run your business.

By knowing and understanding the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that matter to your customers, you can address the enhancements and improvements needed to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and improve efficiencies across business functions.

Here are a few examples of how GoGoGuest helps brands deliver delightful restaurant loyalty program ideas:

  • Gather, organize and understand all your customer data in one place
  • Seamlessly communicate actionable insights to your ordering and engagement tech stack (if you are not using GoGoGuest modules)
  • See common behavioral patterns from your most engaged and loyal customers
  • Understand which campaigns gain the most engagement and conversions by customer cohort and/or profile
  • Discover new engagement opportunities and compare performance across email, sms, web and/or third-party apps
  • Measure the sales and revenue performance of each ordering channel
  • Anticipate consumer behaviors through Market Basket Analysis
  • Enhance, adjust or revamp menu design based on best performing product or menu combinations
  • Better predictability on food and merchandise inventories
And so much more.

API centric engagement and loyalty engines give brands the sophisticated access to data, flexibility, scalability to craft the best customer experience across every ordering, purchasing and engagement channel.

Happy customers remain engaged

A happy customer, is an engaged customer.

GoGoGuest’s API Centric engagement and loyalty engine starts by building a complete customer profile.

By looking at your customers’ purchase data, sales channels (where they order – online, phone, in-person, app, etc.), and other details, you gain a more specific view of what your customers are like and how they like to buy. This can help you analyze your customer lifecycle and relationships on a more precise level. 

See what is possible.

Talk to sales.

Turn delight into loyal customers

An API Centric engagement and loyalty platform empowers your front of the house team, customer support and marketing teams create delight and unforgettable “aha” moments when the opportunity arises.  A complete customer profile view that is transparent to key customer business functions make this possible. 

Combine data driven empathy with a culture focused on customer happiness and training, your team will feel empowered and a mindset to bring delight to every customer interaction and engagement – in-store or online.

How Enterprise Rent-A-Car tripled sales when customer happy ratings went up from 67% to 80%.

Happy senior consumer online shopping

Convert loyal customers into brand ambassadors

Over time, you’ll start seeing customer cohorts that is out-performing the rest of your customer segments. GoGoGuest API Centric engagement and loyalty engine comes with predictive analytics that helps brands anticipate customer behavior. 

Over time, specific customer attributes will show what a potential brand ambassador customer profile would look like.  Marketing and customer engagement teams are able to apply insights learned to launch brand ambassador specific campaigns. 

How GoGoGuest Helps: We identify which customer personas/groups/segments would be the best fit for brand ambassador specific campaigns and messaging. 

Make your CRM actionable

A consumer facing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) needs to be more dynamic and must have the ability to share insights generated to each engagement delivery channel or ordering channel. 

GoGoGuest’s API Centric engagement and loyalty engine makes your CRM actionable with seamless updates to each customer profile. This ensures that creating dynamic segmentations and marketing automations (customer journeys) are fully automated too!


Take full control of your brand's customer experience

An API Centric engagement and loyalty engine makes it super easy for a brand to take full control of the in-store and digital customer experience.

It reduces your technology deficit and offers opportunities to gain full ownership of your brand assets. 

How GoGoGuest Helps: 

  • Design a loyalty program that is unique to your brand. Say good-bye to boring loyalty programs focused on $1:1 points. Gain the opportunity to fine tune your points based on a customer’s spending habits.
  • Build and design hybrid loyalty programs that can run direct on your POS system and / or your own custom app.
  • Offer personalized ad-hoc rewards for customers who are likely to turn into loyal customers.  
  • Offer product recommendations at the point-of-purchase (in-store or online) that are tailored to a customer’s product preferences and interests.
  • Seeing different local market trends? Create featured or special menu items across each local market that is driven by customer preference and sales performance.
And so much more!

Next Steps

Don’t take our word for it. We encourage you to dive in and dig deeper. Schedule a private tour and consultation with our solution focused sales team. Ask about our API Centric engagement and loyalty engine.

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Delightful Restaurant Loyalty Program Ideas To Increase Sales

Delightful Restaurant Loyalty Program Ideas Growing customer loyalty is the cornerstone for success of any restaurant and fast-casual brand and business.  Customer acquisition requires so much …