WiFi Service for Restaurants

The power of free customer WiFi will improve your restaurant today

Free WiFi service is important in your restaurant

Your top customers expect excellent, free WiFi, and restaurants that offer user-friendly WiFi service do a much better job of attracting and retaining those customers. GoGoGuest offers restaurant owners an affordable way to offer high-powered WiFi service that not only makes customers choose you over other shops, but also does the following:

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  • Enhance your restaurant experience – your customers will love the easy access to wifi, which is just as fast for customers checking emails as it is for customers watching videos.
  • Build a substantial email marketing campaign – Our service can substantially increase the amount of customers on your email list daily without requiring customers to opt in with a credit card or an app
  • Learn how to market your restaurant to the people who love it – Data collected from our service synthesizes in-store customer insights with purchases, social and geo-location data for highly targeted marketing campaigns
  • Easy for you to do – GoGoGuest ties directly into your POS system, and automates precise marketing campaigns based on customer actions whether in-store or online
  • Increase your sales – As the owner of the restaurant, you have the power to limit the amount of time a customer can spend on free wifi per purchase.

Free Wifi service has become the standard. Don’t lose business to restaurants that give customers the WiFi service they want. Request information or schedule a simple demo; it might be the best improvement you make to your restaurant this year.

Best of all, GoGoGuest is affordable! Start offering free WiFi service in your restaurant today!

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5 WiFi Marketing Tips For Coffee Shops

How to Acquire Customers Through WiFi

GoGoGuest offers restaurants a WiFi service solution

Offering your customers the GoGoGuest WiFi service can increase your sales by as much as 32% to WiFi customers. Bundled with a robust, best-in-class Cisco Meraki router, our service is affordable, easy to launch and powerful once active. Here’s how it works:

  • Step 01

    Customer enters email address on a custom splash page for your restaurant. Customer verifies email and is able to log in at any future time.

  • Step 02

    Our system segments and grows your email list. We help you identify local and out-of-area visitors and, when possible, integrate with your POS system.

  • Step 03

    We begin sending out automated emails for new visitors, loyalty visits, win-backs and special promotions.

  • Step 04

    If you have a busy restaurant, we can limit WiFi use and require additional purchases to extend use after a reasonable amount. Make customers happy and increase sales!

Customer testimonials

  • "With GoGoGuest, we no longer need separate solutions for email marketing, SMS marketing or landing pages. A savings of $900/month per solution!"

    Michael Baccaro, Founder Serafina Restaurant, Miami, FL
  • “In the first 2 hours of installing GoGoGuest, we saw our laptop customers purchase 25% more than they would normally spend. We’ve tried 3 other solutions in the past. None of them worked.”

    Keith Wixson, Owner, West Hollywood, CA
  • “Using GoGoGuest to manage the use of WiFi ultimately makes our in-store customer experience more pleasant. Seeing 30% more in transactions makes so much sense for our business.”

    Samuel Jimenez, Coffee Director, Partner, Santa Monica, CA
  • “We love how we can create and design custom splash pages, collect email addresses and offer in-seat ordering all in one solution. Every food and beverage brick and mortar should use GoGoGuest to grow their business.”

    Michael Schwarber, General Manager, Boomtown Brewery - Downtown LA, CA