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Secrets To Successful Coffee Shop Marketing

Whether you’re a single independent location or a multi-location coffee shop brand, you need a customer marketing strategy to create authentic customer connections that grow customer loyalty.

How To Create Authentic Customer Connections

It starts with connecting all your data from every customer ordering channel, in-store or online.

Systems you need for personalized coffee shop marketing

  • Offer guest WiFi with time-limits. It is an easy way to acquire more customer data and also an opportunity to better manage your guest usable space. A system like GoGoGuest gives you the ability to control your WiFi and require a purchase (if you prefer). 
  • Use a cloud POS system in-store. Cloud POS systems offer many benefits and opportunities for merchants in the areas of menu management, resource management and collecting data for customer marketing purposes. A system like GoGoGuest, you can aggregate all your POS customer data with other data sources.
  • Online Ordering. Most Cloud POS systems come with online ordering too. When a POS system supports online ordering, guess what? A system like GoGoGuest can also tap into that data to help you better understand where customers are buying from you. Do they prefer online or in-store? What channel performs better? And so much more! 
  • Sell Online. If you’re a merchant who also sells online, then you’ll want to make sure that your eCommerce customer data also funnels in the same place as your in-store data. Why not convert an in-store shopper who spends $10/.visit on a cappuccino and croissant sandwich to a coffee subscription customer who could spend $21/month more on one of your dark blends?
  • Use email marketing to engage with customers. Don’t stop at collecting and capturing customer data. It is great to have access to these permission based emails, albeit these customers won’t know about your new delicious breakfast sandwich and nitro cold brew pairing if you don’t let them know. 
  • Offer meaningful rewards. By offering meaningful Rewards on items that they love purchasing from your brand, a customer is likely to increase their frequency of purchase. When using data to run your loyalty program, it is possible to craft loyalty drivers that are focused on a customer cohort’s common interests. For example, a growing group of customers that visit store location #5 purchasing your chocolate dipped madeleine cookies with a cappuccino for afternoon snacks at least 3x a week. Why not encourage a 4th opportunity to purchase? Or recommend a different combination that meets the group’s flavor palette?
  • Listen to your data. By putting data at the heart of customer engagement, coffee shops and coffee brands can get better at predicting behaviors that will give a business the next best action for engagement. 
  • Observe and Iterate.  The more you know about your customers, the better you can serve them with personalized offers that anticipate their needs. In the long-term this approach deeply personalizes the experience for the customer.
Blog hero image: WiFi marketing is essential for fast casual brands

“We were looking for a WiFi Marketing partner and gained so much more! GoGoGuest is a powerful customer engagement solution for brands that sell in-store and online."

John Wittig, COO, Coffeebar Tweet

Better WiFi, even better customer engagement

Guest usable space in coffee shops is a valuable asset needed by a storefront to attract customers. The more “butts in seats” in any given day translates to revenue. On average, depending on the coffee shop an average order per visit could range between $4.50 – $8.00 per customer. Coffee shops immediately lose value on their guest usable space when customers remain beyond the first hour without making a second purchase.

Here’s what we’ve accomplished in less than a year since launching GoGoGuest WiFi marketing in Coffeebar’s storefronts.

  • Guest WiFi that is reliable and comes with time-limits and a required purchase.
  • Simple and seamless aggregation of all our data that directly funnels into segments and to rules-based customer journeys.
  • Channel specific customer journeys. As a first-step to personalization, Coffeebar sends a series of personalized messages driven by ordering channel. 
  • Overall a more connected in-store to real-world customer experience that is more personal. Resulting in 96% engagement! 

“The aggregated data from Square POS, Shopify, guest WiFi in our GoGoGuest dashboard is super valuable for creating authentic customer connections."

Becky Tachihara, Education and Innovation Manager, Coffeebar Tweet

See what is possible.

Talk to sales.

Brand and channel focused email campaigns

Once your rules are set to for smart segmentations and automations, you are ready to focus on creating and sending campaigns. 

When preparing your campaign, keep in mind that it is no longer a great idea to send one creative and content to thousands of inboxes. As an example, a customer group that is likely to enjoy half-off cookies an hour before you close are moms with grade-school age children who are mostly home-schooled during the pandemic.

How GoGoGuest Helps: Here is where GoGoGuest comes in as a coffee shop email marketing platform:

  • We integrate with Square POS and Shopify, two of the most prolific systems for coffee shop brands of all sizes. We do offer integrations with your other favorite solutions.
  • We make it super easy to streamline all your customer data in one place.
  • We make it super easy to create and send targeted triggered emails and email marketing campaigns by channel.
  • Measure, analyze and iterate throughout each customer cohort lifecycle.
Connecting all your data sources with ease
Keep Your Brand Top of Mind Throughout The Customer's Purchasing Lifecycle

Mix digital touch points with real-world interactions

Jump on serendipitous opportunities to delight and surprise your most loyal customers. 
This is easier accomplished when digital touch points are inter-mingled with real-world interactions. During the pandemic, Zoom interactions are more realistic. 

How GoGoGuest Helps:  

  • Automate smart segmentations based on customer data collected. For example, a segment of customers who love avocado toasts are grouped in an “avocado lovers” group. Any avocado specials and avocado related events mean they get dibs.
  • Promote product bundles that are most frequently purchased together. 
  • Create events around customer group interests.


Authentic customer connections lead to loyalty

Customer engagement for coffee shops is an ongoing process of learning, growing, and getting better. The more you understand your data, the easier it is to transform into authentic customer connections.

Deep customer connections grow loyalty. 

How GoGoGuest Helps: 

GoGoGuest helps coffee shops start with a customer engagement foundation that easily scales as your business needs grow, on-demand. With Coffeebar, starting out with guest WiFi marketing and email marketing is our the first step to create more authentic engagements.

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Next Steps

Don’t take our word for it. We encourage you to dive in and dig deeper. Have you read The Customer Engagement Playbook? Produced by the GoGoGuest team, it offers actionable next steps and best practices on how to implement these actionable full cycle marketing tips from creating awareness, customer engagement to growing customer loyalty that drive value.

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