GoGoGuest – Turn-Key Data And Customer Intelligence To Grow Your Restaurant

No more guess work

GoGoGuest analyzes millions of behavioral signals from purchase patterns, engagement, key customer attributes and interests to help fine tune offers and messaging.



Customer Analytics And Insights

Restaurant marketing not backed with data and customer insights is no longer sustainable. The innovative restaurant concept looks at behavioral purchase patterns to understand how to best reach and engage guests at different points in the customer lifecycle.

Market Basket Analysis

Aligning your menu marketing, product up-sells and cross-sells with what people are buying where and when is crucial for every restaurant concept. GoGoGuest comes with a ready-to use basket analysis designed for marketers.

Deep Personalization

Highly targeted campaigns and customer journeys are possible when data, analytics and insights are readily available for your restaurant marketing and operations team.

Shorten the buying cycle

Using behavioral signals from your customers as your guide, restaurant concepts can easily position marketing campaigns, offers and promotions specific to each group for the purposes of shortening the visit cycle, increasing the frequency of visit and other KPIs.

Learn from behavioral signals

Understand the purchase behavior of different customer groups across channels and markets. Gain smart marketing recommendations on which product bundles to cross-sell, up-sell to drive more sales and customer loyalty.


Learn what GoGoGuest can do to help you find the behavioral triggers that drive results.

Let them choose their engagement preferences

Whether it is email, SMS, in-app or in-store at the POS or guest WiFi, GoGoGuest can tailor your customer engagement workflows that is driven by customer preference.  


Lack of visibility to deep customer analytics and insights leads to restaurant marketing teams not knowing what actions will lead to the best outcomes. Are you ready for change?

Resources To Support You Along The Way

Delightful Loyalty Program Ideas For Restaurants

How do you personalize your brand’s customer engagement and grow a loyal base of customers across ordering channels, especially when data exchange is not seamless from one channel to another? Here are some of the best loyalty program ideas for restaurants.

What Is Market Basket Analysis

Market Basket Analysis (MBA), also known as affinity analysis, is a data mining technique. You can use MBA to uncover meaningful correlations across products and customer purchase patterns. At GoGoGuest, Market Basket Analysis is a module that is part of our Analytics and AI platform. It helps brands predict customer behavior and find purchasing patterns.

Keys To Actionable Taproom Marketing

How easy is it to find your craft brewery or taproom online in each local market you serve? According to a consumer insights study, 89% of dining research happens on mobile. What do you need to do gain the attention of and audience? What level of customer engagement do you need to convert, take control and own that relationship after the first visit?

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