No more guess work

Be in full-control of your customer lifecycle. GoGoGuest smart marketing recommendations analyzes millions of data points from customer purchase data, engagement, key customer attributes and interests. 



Basket Analysis

Smart marketing recommendations uses the power of GoGoGuest market basket analysis to empower teams on product bundles to cross-sell and up-sell, compute promotions with high-margins and more!

Deep Personalization

With a clear view of customer engagement habits, marketers are able to personalize automations and campaigns. Each message is crafted by key customer attributes including, preference, interest, location, a previous purchase and more!

Drive Audience Engagement

From inbox to device, POS, online and app check-out experience with personalized and highly-targeted product recommendations and offers.

Grow Customer Loyalty

See immediate conversion results by customer group or campaign.

Insights from your data pipelines

Remove all the guesswork by capturing and understanding mountains of data in minutes with GoGoGuest customer data management module. GoGoGuest integrates and syncs data from your other favorite solutions

AI powered engagement

Understand the purchase behavior of different customer groups across channels and markets. Gain smart marketing recommendations on which product bundles to cross-sell, up-sell to drive more sales and customer loyalty.

Cross-channel engagement

Never miss an opportunity with unified data and customer engagement. With GoGoGuest marketers and customer teams can reach, engage and grow loyalty across each relevant touch point and channel, customer by customer.

Seeing is believing

Anya.AI is our optimization and AI technology.  We empower marketers and customer teams with actionable engagement recommendations to grow customer loyalty.

The Customer Engagement Playbook

Humanity in action. What customer engagement is, why it matters and what you need to know.

Resources To Support You Along The Way

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New platform updates: data management, analytics and customer loyalty programs.

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