Offer guest WiFi amenities

simply, easily and securely. 

Smart WiFi marketing with powerful digital tools and analytics.

Use enterprise Cloud access points

Use enterprise Cloud access points

Easily install GoGoGuest secure WiFi hotspots with built-in digital tools for for your business and brand.

Easy to install, manage and monitor

Easy to install, manage and monitor

Simply plug and play. Comes with 24/7 support and monitoring without the need for a technician.

Guest WiFi user controls

Guest WiFi user controls

Institute guest WiFi time limits with a required purchase (option). Available one-click integrations with Square, Revel, Clover, Toast Lab and Stripe. 

Beautiful branded captive portals

Beautiful branded captive portals

Showcase your brand with beautiful and professional captive portals.

Grow your subscribers

Grow your subscribers

Capture email addresses and other unique customer information with permission.

Reward your loyal customers

Reward your loyal customers

Send automated and personalized email content in the form of a reward or a special offer without lifting a finger.

Our promise

We optimize your networking solutions and make the experience painless and as secure. Businesses gain 100% ownership of subscribers who opt-in.


No exceptions.

Beyond WiFi marketing, gain these digital tools and marketing analytics to grow your business and brand.

Optimize your WiFi.

Add time limits, user controls and learn from customer insights and marketing analytics.

Gain a complete view of brand engagement customer by customer.

Get to know your customers.

  • Grow your email lists with permission.
  • Send personalized content.
  • Reward your best customers.
GoGoGuest integrates with best-in-class wireless cloud access points.

Best-in-class Cloud access points.

  • Integrates with Meraki, Ubiquiti and Open Mesh.
  • Pick your preferred guest WiFi, employee and private network settings.
  • And we’ll do the rest!
Offer a customer experience your guests love.

Take full-control of your guest experience.

  • Limit access to your guest WiFi.
  • Require a purchase (optional).*
  • Restore your business with digital marketing tools.

*GoGoGuest integrates with popular Cloud POS solutions including, Square POS, Revel, Toast Lab and Clover. Don’t see your POS listed? Let us know.

Everything you need to start and grow your business in one simple subscription.

Let’s create your account!

  • Select a subscription.
  • Pick your features (POS integration is optional).
  • Get your beautiful captive portal and email templates.
  • Go live in less than 7-10 days.
Smart WiFi Marketing

“Customers stay productive and creative in our beautiful, spacious cafe powered with fast, reliable and secure guest WiFi. People come back, stay longer and buy more coffee, munchies and beer! I think our sales increased by almost 40%!”

Kevin Frey, Owner

Puritan Coffee & Beer

All businesses can use GoGoGuest.

  • Restaurants


  • Coffee Bars

    Coffee Bars

  • Hair Salons & Spas

    Hair Salons & Spas

  • Retail & Pop-Ups

    Retail & Pop-Ups

  • Festivals


  • Theaters


  • Shopping Malls

    Shopping Malls

Power your business and brand.

GoGoGuest Smart WiFi Marketing is secure and comes with tons of digital tools and marketing analytics:

  • Full-service business WiFi management
  • Beautiful branded captive portals
  • Premium email marketing 
  • Free gallery of email templates
  • A/B testing
  • Smart marketing automations and segmentation
  • Post survey visits
  • Powerful data and insights 
  • Single account log-in for businesses with multiple locations
  • Customer success and support via email, phone and web chat