Startup Academy At Lehigh University

We are proud to share that GoGoGuest is hosting our first official summer intern program with Lehigh University’s Startup Academy.

The Startup Academy at Lehigh University program kicks off on May 24, 2021 with 12 students from Lehigh University’s business programs. 


The students who are accepted into the program are established leaders and rising stars in their chosen fields. Meanwhile, the host companies are primarily based in Silicon Valley and are in the early to mid-stage growth. GoGoGuest is excited to be selected as one of the host companies. 

Internship Programs With An Entrepreneurial Focus

At GoGoGuest, we view intern programs as an opportunity to share what we've learned starting, running and growing a startup from 0 to our next phase of growth. 

The Startup Academy at Lehigh University is a program co-hosted and sponsored by the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center. GoGoGuest is pleased to be invited as one of this year’s host companies Tobey and Kylie, sophomores who are two of the brightest and rising stars at Lehigh.

Why are we sharing this news?

Often, internships or interns in general are viewed as “cheap or free labor,” this practice especially prevalent in the startup world and advertising. Onboarding interns to get to a productive that adds real value to your team or organization takes time. Before accepting this great opportunity, we at GoGoGuest recognize the great responsibility that comes with it: teaching what we’ve learned and the willingness to learn from these young bright minds who are potential entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The Startup Academy is sponsored by Lehigh University, hence there is no financial commitment on our part.

Startup Academy at Lehigh University, Summer 2021 cohort
Students and Host Companies of Startup Academy @ Lehigh University Summer 2021 Cohort

Our Startup Academy interns

Get to know our summer 2021 Startup Academy interns!

  • Tobey Bill a bright young star at Lehigh University’s Integrated Business and Engineering Honors Program (IBE). Tobey’s Double-Major is IBE Finance (B.S.) and Industrial & Systems Engineering (B.S.) and a Minor in Computer Science. When not dabbling in leading entrepreneurial pursuits of his own and within Lehigh University, Tobey spends time running, organizing a non-profit soccer program, playing tennis and skiing snow capped mountains in Vermont.
  • Kylie Seyler a bright young star in Lehigh University’s Bachelor of Science in Business Economics, Major in Accounting and a Minor in Philosophy. Prior to Lehigh, Kylie was on the Dean’s List at Wyoming Seminary College Preparatory School. Kylie is an active member of the Beekeeping Club, College Democrats and Lehigh Students for BLM. She’s also a Zen Barre instructor and a peer health advisor.
Meet Lehigh University’s Startup Academy Summer 2021 Cohort.

"Real-world learning experiences like Startup Academy are essential as Lehigh develops the entrepreneurial leaders of the future."

James Berneking, Innovation Programs Manager, Lehigh University Tweet

Program focus

When we were invited to be one of the cohort’s host companies, we had to submit project ideas and job descriptions. The purpose: for Lehigh University to find the right match for the students and the potential host company. 

Customer success:

Every phase of starting company comes with its set of challenges and obstacles. Starting is the hardest part, while setting the foundation for your next phase of growth once you’ve passed the MVP (Minimum Viable Product), is not any easier. It’s simply different. Our point is, we wanted to collaborate with students who have an interest in learning about the customer success process. Why is it important? What do other SaaS B2B companies do to make customers success and limit churn? What should customer success look like at GoGoGuest?


As a growing B2B SaaS company, our KPIs are focused on customer acquisition, customer growth and increasing lifetime value and reducing churn. In our early days, we focused on raising pre-Seed to support our MVP milestones. 

We’ve applied and have been accepted to a few Silicon Valley accelerators. At that time, we decided not to pursue this path due terms that asked founders to give up too much, so early in our startup life. Instead we bet on our skills, capabilities, market and industry trends.

Fast forward to present day, we are preparing to raise our Seed round. As part of the Startup Academy program, our plan is to collaborate with Tobey and Kylie to help us prepare. Preparation will involve a number of activities including research, pitch deck preparation and out reach. 

"Through these high-impact internships with San Francisco startups, students hone their entrepreneurial skills and mindsets while early/mid-stage companies gain access to top student talent and fresh perspectives."

James Berneking, Innovation Programs Manager, Lehigh University Tweet

See what is possible.

Talk to sales.

What to expect

At the end of the program, we hope to have a clear definition, understanding and accomplished the following with Tobey and Kylie:

Customer success

  • Customer success team’s responsibilities
  • Customer success milestones by customer profile
  • Tools to support the customer success team
  • Customer success KPI’s 

  • The VC fundraising process
  • Building our list of VC matches
  • Enhancing our pitch deck
  • Outreach

Throughout the program, both Kylie and Tobey will be working and engaged with our founders, Jessica Valenzuela, CEO and Chris O’Connor our CPO (Chief Product Officer). They’ll also have the opportunity to engage with our extended team and customers.

About GoGoGuest

GoGoGuest Cross-Channel Customer Engagement and Loyalty Platform for brands of all sizes

About Startup Academy

Startup Academy is a summer internship program that places top talent students in early-to-mid-stage startups in Silicon Valley. Students work alongside founders and entrepreneurial leaders on business critical milestones key to company growth. The application of lessons learned in the classroom to real-world business problems expose students to the entrepreneurial process and the culture of Silicon Valley. 

The internship is framed by a credit-bearing class that meets weekly. The class enables students to contextualize and compare their experiences, and to learn from their peers, instructors, and guest speakers. Students receive additional support from mentors in their professional area of interest. Startup Academy bridges the academic with the professional, unlocking unique value for both students and entrepreneurs. Students are exposed to the operations of startups in their early stages, learning about all aspects of the business in a high velocity environment. This applied experience is not something that can be taught in the classroom. Learn more.

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