GoGoGuest – Customer Intelligence For Restaurants

Unlock real-world insights

Unlocking real-life customer journeys bring brands wealth of information to drive value for your customers. Let GoGoGuest show you how.

Storefront Marketing


Understand In-Store Footfall

Gain multiple perspectives of your audience and customer groups based on storefront footfall and real-world customer journeys.

Learn From In-Store Customer Journeys

With a clear view of customer patterns, marketers are able to design thoughtful customer journeys. Each message crafted and targeted for the intended audience.

Discover With Purpose

Combine analytics and AI with built-in market basket analysis and engagement insights to upsell, cross-sell and discover product opportunities that would not be immediately noticeable.

Deliver Delight In Every Interaction

With a single-view of your customer in-store teams and digital teams can personalize and design delight into every customer interaction.

Elevate your guest experience

Offer a seamless, safe and secure way to connect to guest WiFi. GoGoGuest WiFi marketing  captures unique customer data with permission with the added benefit of requiring a purchase with each connected device. 

Grow beyond your storefront

GoGoGuest ecosystem of integrations easily gives you access to rich-data from your POS, WiFi, and third-party apps for order ahead or delivery. Re-target customers across each touchpoint. 

Create a flywheel effect for your brand

GoGoGuest seamlessly extends your customer engagement touchpoint beyond your physical store. Retain, engage and grow customer loyalty with targeted and a personalized customer experience.

Break down barriers

Bring your marketing, operations and customer teams together on GoGoGuest. Control access across the organization and sub-divide audiences by location, regions or channels.

How To Use A Captive Portal

Convert each first in-store visit to a fully engaged and loyal customer.

Resources To Support You Along The Way

Cross-Channel Marketing For Brands Of All Sizes

Acquire, engage and convert an audience from in-store experience to digital.

Keys To Precise And Actionable Restaurant Marketing

See what restaurant marketing powered by data, analytics and insights look like.

Grow Your Taproom With Smart Email Marketing

Drive high-conversions across ordering channels through taproom email marketing.

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Seamlessly and securely connect your favorite POS system, eCommerce platform and more!

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