Are You Struggling with Free Wifi Service in Your Coffee Shop?


Coffee Shop Owners are in a Crisis: How to Leverage Free wifi to Help You Grow Your Business

Consumers have come to expect free Wifi at the coffee shops they frequent. It’s understandable, as more people than ever before use coffee shops as venues in which to work, update their social media accounts or simply surf the web. Free wifi is ingrained in coffee shop culture now, and many coffee shop owners are scrambling for ideas on converting this service into sales, win new customers and broaden their customer base.

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The New York Times recently published an article capturing this crisis in vivid detail. In “What to Do When Laptops and Silence Take Over Your Cafe?” the nation’s most esteemed newspaper interviewed several coffee shop owners struggling as a result of failing to monetize their free wifi service. The article focuses on owners either taking an extreme stance (one coffee shop owner in Los Angeles is shown cutting off free wifi service entirely, going so far as to “place the device in a bin,”) or showing complete bewilderment on how to resolve the issue.

The piece highlighted time spent onsite vs. amount of purchase this way: “Three hours for five dollars’ worth of coffee is not a model that works,” says David Wynn, the owner quoted as eliminating wifi service. The issue, however, is that the United States has become a cafe and coffee culture. Customers are seeking coffee shops and they demand wifi; making it a challenge to access is fast becoming a quick way to kill your customer relationships.

GoGoGuest Makes Free Wifi Work For You

It doesn’t have to be that way — no matter how busy or small your coffee shop is, you can offer wifi that helps increase your sales and makes customers happy. And wifi doesn’t have to be a bleak, costly enterprise as some owners in the NYT article found it to be. In fact, GoGoGuest is taking a radical new approach to wifi service by putting the owners in control of how guests use the service and, most importantly, how the service creates a pathway towards an effective marketing strategy.

GoGoGuest is a California-based startup serving customers in 10 states and growing, using customer-facing wifi as a powerful tool to acquire customer data, tie into your POS system and automate segmented emails for marketing purposes.

Depending on how busy your coffee shop is, you can put a time limit on wifi and require customers to make an additional purchase through the splash screen without leaving their table. If you are not busy, you can leave your wifi wide open. Either way, you increase sales by giving customers high-quality, free wifi. Request a live demo.

How does GoGoGuest empower coffee shop owners through free wifi service?

  • GoGoGuest customers can choose to limit the amount of time a guest can use free wifi before having to make an additional purchase.
  • Every customer who opts-in to use free wifi service grants you permission to add them to your customer marketing list.
  • You can then send out segmented marketing emails based on customer data: new customers, repeat customers, win-backs.
  • Send smart marketing messages using text and retargeting on social media.
  • Promote limited time offers through retargeting, emails and on your custom splash page.
  • Integrate your customer logins with sales data, letting you better understand your customer’s behavior.
  • Best of all, GoGoGuest is an affordable service that delivers a quick return on investment.
  • Our platform is great for independent and multi-location franchises .

Click here to read more about how GoGoGuest can supercharge your coffee shop by providing a free wifi service that works for you.

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