How To Supercharge Your Local Marketing in 2018


At GoGoGuest, we put customer experience first. We know that happy customers are regular customers, so we are here to supercharge your local marketing to meet the growing expectations customers have when they walk through the door. Instant WiFi connection? We got you covered. In-seat ordering? No problem. Superior data analytics to help you sell more? Of course.

We asked more than 1,000 people about their experiences at local coffee shops and tea bars, and learned what people already do, as well as what they wish they could do. We found out that 77% of respondents spend the majority of their time at coffee shops doing work on their laptop or mobile device. Request for the complete customer experience report. Sign-up.

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Given how much customer time is spent on a laptop or phone, finding the right interface between your business and their online experience can make a big difference. Offering free WiFi is an important step to draw in more people and encourage them to spend more time, and the majority of our respondents listed fast WiFi as a useful feature. But fast, secure, and easy WiFi is only the beginning of what GoGoGuest offers. We can also provide a personalized, branded landing page that allows your business to get valuable customer attention.

GoGoGuest also listened to the majority of respondents who said they would find it useful to be able to view, order, and pay for additional food from their laptop or mobile device once they are seated. This feature isn’t only great for customers. According to Keith Wixson at Blackwood Coffee Bar in West Hollywood,

in-seat-ordering led to a 25% sales bump in their café within two hours of installation.

GoGoGuest, an Angel backed startup is now being used by local businesses around the country — from San Francisco, New York City, LA, Las Vegas, to Nashville. These businesses are reporting greater visit frequency, higher revenue per visit, and even greater foot traffic conversion thanks to personalized messages that can be shared with previous customers when they are nearby to alert them of timely deals.
We are listening to what people want. We provide an all-in-one solution that makes it easy for local business retailers to get the information and services they need to develop a thriving business, and most importantly, to keep their customers happy. Schedule a free consultation.

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