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The email marketing playbook

Email Mastery: Create And Send Emails That Get Noticed In A Crowded In-Box.

An essential guide for business owners and marketers looking to level-up on email marketing.

Innovation in technology and how humans use it in their everyday lives is only getting more complex. There are too many options. Too much noise.

The reality is brands and businesses are struggling to keep up with the evolving technology landscape and the changing customer behaviors that come along with it.

Getting it right means having the right technology, the right data and the right approach to collaboration among marketing and customer teams.

Brands today can thrive if they embrace the fast changing landscape: with an intent and focus to create highly targeted, personalized “human” brand experiences supported by flexible teams and responsive technology. A customer engagement platform that can integrate seamlessly integrate with each system in your stack in real-time. Getting there is possible, but it’s a lot faster and less complex if you have a guide.

GoGoGuest’s new eBook, Brilliant Customer Experiences: What Is Customer Engagement, Why It Matters, And What You Need to Know, is that guide. Read on to get up to speed on actionable steps on:

  • Building Blocks of Modern Marketing 101
  • Six Rules In Maintaining Your Marketing Funnel
  • Remove The Guesswork With Data
  • Eight Campaigns That Delight Customers
  • And more! 

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